A Business Report on Artin Child Care Company

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Executive summary Artin Child Care Company provides day services from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. They care for children from infants to preschools children. IT provides safe and convenient place for kids to improve their skills under supervision of expert people. Artin Child Care Company intends to provide high quality services by hiring expert staff. The company provides organic foods to kids and piano class and swimming class for kids above 2 years old.

Company’s aim is to enhance their position in north London child day care market by providing their employees with an honest and supportive working environment, where each employee can devote themselves to providing excellent service to the customers. Parents will be sure that their kids are in safe place which improves kids’ skills. Business Introduction Company background: Artin Child Care is a new company intending to enter the child daycare business. The company concept was developed over a period of one month by several business associates having many years of experience in the child daycare industry. The two owners decided to establish this company and provide higher quality in compare with other child care companies in the aria. Shareholders are educated in child psychology and business.

The Child Care Company serves organic healthy food and hold swimming and painting classes, piano courses and hand craft classes. Product and service: Artin Child Care is a new established company which has two shareholders who decided to provide day services to infants to preschool kids (Maximum 6 years old). The company is located close to university and it is a good opportunity to absorb customers who study in that university and have kids. The hour work of company is from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Therefore employee parents can use this service as well.

The services include indoor games, outdoor games, swimming pool, piano classes, painting classes, hand craft classes and food. Size of the business, office equipment and personnel: There is a 1,800 sq. ft. house in a quiet, residential neighborhood. The yard is fully fenced in, to ensure no one can either come in or wander away. The yard will be furnished with safe, entertaining toys; some sand ground that kids can play safe. It has a swimming pool on the second floor as well. The house is equipped for serving meals and rainy-day’s activities. It also contains toys, games, and books for the entertainment of the children.

The company is fully furnished with sofas, beds, TV, closets and it has fully equipped kitchen with two chefs. There is five staff that works with kids; each staff is responsible for six kids. The company hired two swimming instructors (one of them is life guard), one piano instructor, and one hand craft instructor. The total number of staff with two cleaners and one manager is sixteen but some of them work hourly. Staffs who deal with kids are mature and educated and have first-aid certificate. Organizational Plan Ownership and shareholders: Artin Child Care is owned by John Adams and Suzy Sians. Objective In the next 12 months the company intends to open for business and to implement a targeted advertising campaign.

The company anticipates 10 percent annual revenue growth and at the end of five years the company anticipates gross revenue of £250,000 annually. Company management structure Artin Child Care is managed by a team of individuals consisting of all of the ownership partners. All partners participate in managing the company. Experience and training of each of the company owners and principals John is one of the founding owners of Artin Child Care. Suzy has worked for 20 years in child care and daycare. He spent the last 8 years managing a local daycare. During this period he also completed a business management certificate at State College. Organizational timeline: A remodeling plan for the chosen location will be complete by May 1. Funding needs to be in place by June 1 in order to take advantage of the current construction season.

Remodeling and renovations will begin June 1 and will be completed by August 15. Artin Child Care will open for business on first of September.) Company asset Artin Child Care has purchased some new furnishings and fixtures with a resale value of £15,000. Primary product of company Artin Child Care will offer day care services for infants through preschool as well as after school care for ages 6 through 12. Varsity Child Care will provide fully certified staff and a wide variety of educational and fun activities. MARKETING PLAN Target market: The target market for Artin Child Care is the young families living in the university district. Varsity Child Care will target young parents going to university as well as young parents working in the local area. Business location: The location for Varsity Child Care has ample parking and is ideally suited within the university district to serve the target market. Established custiomers: Although Artin Child Care does not have an existing customer base, market analysis indicates that Artin Child Care should enjoy strong sales from the identified markets. Pricing strategy: Artin Child Care will set pricing according to government guidelines. Based on these revenue guidelines and staffing and rental costs, The company will require average monthly revenues of £18,000 to break even. Advertising strategy: Artin Child Care will use newspaper advertising in order to help grow its standing in the marketplace. Who are your competitors: There no other day care facilities in the immediate area. Young families that live in the local community drive a significant distance to make use of day care facilities in other nearby communities. Compare competitors strategies: The company does not have competitors in the immediate community but will have to work hard to show value and commitment in order to gain customers and market share from existing ‘out-of-community’ competitors. This can be done through newspaper advertising and also through very inexpensive on-campus advertising.

Artin Child Care must attract a loyal customer base by providing children with a caring and supportive environment. Strength of your product or business: Artin Child Care has selected a location that is quick and convenient for customers in the university and surrounding district. The company has also made a commitment to providing a supportive and caring environment that is critical in this market. Weakness of your product or business: Success forArtin Child Care depends on providing caring, supportive service. It is important that Artin is able to retain quality staff.

Artin will develop and maintain human resources policies designed to find and retain good staff. Opportunities of your product: The university student body is projected to increase from 12,000 to 17,000 in the next five years. In addition the proportion of mature students is also expected to increase. These changes will mean an increase in demand and management is making plans to meet this demand. Threats that might affect your venture: Artin Child Care is at risk from other larger competitors moving into the local market. It must respond to this threat by building a loyal customer base by providing a supportive and caring environment for its customers. Daily operation: The child care will be open from 6 A.M. to 6 P.M Monday through Friday. At this time, operations on weekends or statutory holidays is not being considered. A normal business day will include greeting children as they are dropped off, providing appropriate and engaging activities and providing snacks for the children. Operational facilities: Artin Child Care has selected a 2,200 square foot facility with a capacity for 30 children. The facility consists of a small storeroom, a kitchen and a large activities area. Staffing requirements: Artin Child Care will employ a care staff of three full-time staff to start and one part-time bookkeeper. Care staff will be increased as needed to ensure the proper staff-to-child ratio.

The business will be managed by the owners. Suppliers: The company requires very little in the form of daily supplies except for ready-made snacks and ingredients to provide hot meals. Varsity is in negotiations with a local food wholesaler to supply products and ingredients for hot lunches according to a rotating menu. Company Capital requirement: Child Care company requires £35,000 to cover the costs of renovation at the selected location. £25,000 is also required to cover salaries and rent for the initial startup period. The owners will contribute £30,000 to cover these costs. Net Capital Requirement: £150,000. Company capital repayment plan: All debt obligations related to this venture will be repaid within five years. Capital contributed by the owners will be considered ‘capital contributions’ and will not be repaid.

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