The Impact of Non-Financial Resources

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MOHAMMED ADVERTISING AND PUBLISHING COMPANY As a consultancy I advise Mohammed to choose his location in BOSHAR because there is population of people and also many schools and colleges are their so he can get a lot of profit through population of people and also there is no company of publishing and advertising company over there. And also I advise Mohammed to choose his brand name for the company because it can help him to be famous in Oman and can't steal his brand name. The following are the physical and technological resources: PHYSICAL RESOURCES This is most important of running the organization of advertising and publishing company .physical resources include building and equipment. BUILDING Our capital first as a consultancy we need to buy a building in order to do our business well instead of rent it cost in the budget ABOUT THE BUILDING It will consist three offices, two toilets, one storeroom, and one for fist aid room. Each room will be provided doors, windows and also declaration of the company in order to attract the more customers. ABOUT EACH ROOM

  • Dustbin: in each offices ,toilet and first aid room
  • Water taps: in toilet and first aid room
  • Toilet sinks: in toilet
  • Soap; in toilet
  • toilet paper; in toilet

All the physical resources as consultancy we ordered from NIZWA because it is not far away from NIZWA so we can budget our money. THREE OFFICES: The first office for general manager and the second office for finance manage and the third for the other workers because it is office of publishing and advertising company it didn't many offices it is small business. Two toilet One toilet will be for man or male and the other toilets is for woman or female. So it helps a company to have their own toilet ONE STOREROOM This help our product to be safe in a company so our product can stay in a safe place and do not broken. ONE FOR FIRST AID This is one among of the physical resources it help a company when there is emergency accident or small injury they can treat people in the company instead of taking him or her to the hospital As a constancy I advise him to buy a building instead of renting when Mohammed it will cost every month to pay for rent so it is better to buy building. EQUIPMENT Also they are needed equipment in order to do their business easy of publishing and advertising company. ABOUT EQUIPMENT

  • SOFA

TABLES This help in office to put things in a safe place like files document, computers and other a consultancy I will advise him to order from Marbella CHAIRS This help customers and employees to sit in safe place instead of standing it take a lot of consultancy I will advise Mohammed to order chairs from BARKA. STORAGE CABINET This cabinet help accompany to put their file in safe place and show clearly the files from the first year you start up to the year continue. SOFA This help a customers to wait for the services. This we order from RUI in MUSCUT because they are is good quality of furniture. As a consultancy I will advise him to buy all will equipment in Oman because it will take one month tour equipment in Oman because it will take one month to get our equipment and the price it will be 25 Oman RIAL to all equipment include tables chairs sofa and storage cabinet. TECHNOLOGICAL RESOURCES Are those resources are using in publishing and advertising company. MACHINERY To start a business Mohammed mast buy a machinery which is needed in advertising and publishing order to do job easily and it cannot waste time. ABOUT MACHINERY


PRINTING In a business of advertising and publishing company Mohammed mast be buying printing instead of typing this help to do business easily. This are order from Dubai it will easy to reach and it didn’t take long time. AIR CONDITION This mast be consist in each room because as we see in Oman condition if it is hot season if their employee they can't do work because of hot season. This we ordered from city center. COMPUTER This help a company to store their data in safe place in computer and put many files you want. This order from RUHI. As a consultancy I will advise him to buy his product in Oman because it is good quality and it didn’t take a long time to reach and also you will get product you want not like online sometime they change the product. LICENCE This is very important in a company to have license in order to protect the company, as a consultancyI willadvise him to take a license first it will help him to start business of the permission of the government. HUMAN, PHYSICAL AND TECHNOLOGICAL REASSOURCES HUMAN RESOURCE Is very important in set up of advertisingpublishing company. This organization help employee to perform well and also it increase many customers in a company. A business can manage by training , motivation and personal development by training people as people who have enough experience and skills required in company of advertising and publishing company. In order to archive their organization goods and objective. Constant change of different demand as we can see how the occasion change according to period of time sometime customers buy more and sometime they reduce to buy so we must put employee who have enough skills in order to produce different product. This human resource helps to manage the business of publishing and advertising company as a consultancy PHYSICAL RESOURCES When we are looking at it we looking the improvement can be make sure that resources are maintained in a business this is essential for the business in activities and running the business. This is very important in a company because it will help business to increase a country. This includes building, equipment and stores. Business as a business need building in order to get improvements because building it helps employee to do their job easy and in safe place so when we start business first of all we must get building first and it is better to buy building it can help in our budget so buy a building is one among the improvement can be done. Equipment this is essentials in business if it is lack of equipment or bad management it may reduce customers in a company so equipment also must be in a company. Security this also is one among the improvement can be done in a company if something happen we can use CCTV and security alarm in order to know the one who is stole. So this are among of the improvements of perform the business and improve bas business well. TECHNOLOGICAL RESOURCES There are improvement that can perform to manage.Technological resource include intellectual property license and experience and skills this are intangible things. Experience and skills this can help to improve the performance of his business as we see in peps company they are employees who are working more than 5 years it improve a company performance because they know how to handle a company and how to get potential customers of their experience. If experience person wants to leave the organization it would be hard to find someone who have same skills like we must training people through workforce in order to replace a person who have skills so that to back up a business. Software license company all mast have license in order to get permission to the government because some other people are hacking the information or ideas of the company for example in peps company they didn’t show clearly their information so you must get a license this can improve the performance of the business. Intellectual property is the idea of the right peoples can decide good ideas and bad idea when we are stating business. This also required to the operation of Mohammed when he starting a business to know good thing which can make him to get profit. These physical, human and technological resources help Mohammed to start business of advertising and publishing company because it will be easy for him. IMPROVEMENT OF MANAGING RESOURCES AND CONTROLLING THE BUDGET I agree that managing resources and controlling budget costs can improve the performance of advertising and publishing company through controlling their cost to budget their money in organizational .as we see always money going in and out of the business so he mast budget his money . Budget is a plan of saving amount of money, borrowing and spending for example in advertising and publishing company the profit they will get mast budget in order to pay other things like electricity ,water, and tax..Because when we budget our money it help a company to improve the performance of the business HUMAN RESOURCE This can help to improve the business performance in a business by training employee this help to get excellent customer services lead to the improvement of reputation. By improved the knowledge of knowing product like printing product of Samsung its good or bad to the company through revenue for example buying of machines to know the quality. Motivating the employees set financial targets as a bonuses for example employee who work hard Mohammed give a gift by buying him a phone for free or giving him a bonus of money as a gift. Decision making the day when we he starting a business he mast is really do want to work and he can get profit and not to get loss so fist he mast get a decision. PYSICAL RESOURCE Is one among of the improvement of business performance in a business of publishing and advertising in a company. Stock As a consultancies I advice Mohammed to put his stock in special room in order to which product are available or not this help customers to buy what they want and what they need in order to improve customer satisfaction they can put their stock nearby population of people. This also help to increase market share through producing ,selling, publishing and advertising in order to get customers loyalty and it increase Mohammed to gain more profit and to reach his goals. TECHNOLOGICAL RESOURCES This is one among of the improvement in a business performance. As a consultancy I agree this statement because it helps customer to get product buy using computer through buying online and get exactly product they are choosing in twenty four hours. In my opinion I agree this managing and controlling budget improve the performance of the business. As a consultancy when we budget our money it help a company to gain profit and not loss and help Mohammed to reach his goal when his business grow so to budget money it is a good way in a company. Also Mohammed has an opportunity and experience of publishing and advertising company. REFFERENCES: PHYSICAL RESOURCES RETRIVED 2014 FROM HUMAN RESOURCE RETRIVED2014-12-30(in you tube) TECHNOLOGICAL RESOURCE RETRIVED2014-12-28

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