The Problem of Obtaining Medical Marijuana

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Cannabis; general name of the plants scientifically known as “Plant Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica and Cannabis ruderalis” .Cannabis is usually defined to be as “appear  tops of cannabis plant ”. Its chemical form is also known as “Marijuana”. Data collections elaborate cannabinoids drugs has a potential therapeutic value specially  for symptoms such as pain removal, control of nausea, vomiting and appetite activation. The impact of cannabinoids on symptoms studied is generally modest and in various cases there are most effective medications so that’s why people have different response to medications. The solution  of cannabinoids drugs effect depicts that cannabinoids  well studied for particular study such as therapy induced  nausea and vomiting and AIDS (immunodeficiency syndrome) wasting. Physical and clinical l impact of cannabinoids role in anxiety  reduction and  sedation (sleeping  by drugs ) which can  effect medical benefit should be done in clinics.  Cannabinoids are used in clinical observation  trials for short period  approximately less than six month to  relevant patient; it is also approved by the review board and  medical administration .

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“The Problem of Obtaining Medical Marijuana”

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Associated with Cannabis smoke is unlike tobacco smoke that linked cancer to humans; these cancers are tobacco use. Mostly abnormalities in cells are seen to be existed in both types of smokers. Similar results has  been observed to tobacco smokers  Chronic cannabis can also cause the development of  pre cancerous changes in bronchial and epithelium cells. 

Mostly, Cannabis is more dangerous than beneficial to health and the worst outcomes of cannabis are being caused by smoking, like cigarettes . A Scientific analysis performed concluded that almost 7000 of the chemicals in marijuana are same as in Tobacco.

One of the most harmful carcinogens in tobacco is “benzopyrene”, which is present in greater amounts in marijuana, so it frequently increases the amount of tar deposit in lungs. Marijuana also contain cannabinoids (study of chemicals in marijuana) such as delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) that are non carcinogenic, By contrast nicotine promote development of cancer cell in their blood supply. Cannabinoids stimulates other biological process and causes  cancers initiation, such as suppress the part of immune system involved in inflammation which mostly causes the production of free radicals which accelerates the progression of the cancer. 



“Cannabis chemical cannabidiol (CBD)” plays a very important role in the treatment of a special disorder such as childhood epilepsy. Therefore scientist have been researching on the cannabis plant and to create and design CBD (cannabidiol) for the eradication of such disorder. Some of the reports also shows an important result of cancer in young adults , on small level of cancer has been observed in neck, head and lungs cancer associated with use of marijuana Cannabis are used  for curing  Muscles problem and  movements disorder has been known in western countries, specifically  for controlling the movements. Central cannabinoids receptors are  in basal ganglia, the part of brain that stimulates the body movement. Some question about the cannabis as it diminished the awareness by others so how it should be used in medical field? Without any disorder its use is an offense crime, but in medical it is given only to that patients who are suffering from pain and other serious problems, removal of pain and   health problems for an individual is more important. Because its all about to saving a life. One important question is this the   availability of such drugs is a problems for the others people that become addictives of such drugs?  Government and the related institutes should have to make the strict rules for the people who intake such drugs without healthcare provider and recommendations.


Religious and other people also raise the question about the medical use of cannabis and its products, is it legal? Medical field related people have rights to use the cannabis for the elimination of disease and for the treatment , They claim the protection of an individual is more important than the question, But it is also necessary for a doctor to tell the pros and cons of cannabis to his patient but the personal permission is also considered.


At this point our knowledge about Cannabis and cannabinoids show some general conclusions. Cannabis is a risk factor for the development of cancer particularly Lungs cancer. Cancer developing factor increase when cannabinoids smoke like cigarette specially lungs cancer. On small level it also causes “head and neck cancer” Cannabinoids also diminished the awareness by others. Cannabinoids has clinical uses i.e. Cannabinoids play role in Pain reduction control of movements and memory. The natural role of cannabinoids immune systems is likely multifaceted like AIDS/HIV.

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