Is Banning Books Unconstitutional

In 1982 the Supreme Court banned a number of books because they were so called anit-American, and against religion. Why should you be able to decide what people can and cannot say? To me that is a violation the first amendment. Back in 360 bc Plato said our first business will be to supervise the making of fables and legends; rejecting all which are unsatisfactory. This was before printer, in ancient times if someone didn’t like the book they would burn it, which would make them unable to ever be read.

In 1450 printers were invented so it was possible to make more than one copy. So, burning books was ruled out. After 40 years the first official censorship of dangerous publications. Then in 1535 French king Francis the first prohibited the printing of books. By 1559 a book was published, it was a list of all banned books. The first book burning in America took place in 1650, when William pynchon wrote a book and it got taken away by the Puritan authorities and burned publicly.

Now, Henry Reichman from Issues and Answers in Schools, Censorship and Selection defines censorship as restricted circulation of literacy, suppression, etc. Most books people don’t usually know they were taken out of a library. Most books being banned are profanity, violence, and demon or occult. Stealth censorship, taking books out the library secretly, happens mostly at schools, colleges and some public libraries.

Back in 1975, the Pico decision took place and the Pico decision is the case where the U.S Supreme Court decided to split on the First Admendment issue of local school boards about removing library books from schools. And from them doing so no single opinion commanded a majority of the court, or announced any legal binding rule. And by this many books aren’t getting banned, and people get their freedom to speech.

After all banning books is unconstitutional, and against the first amendment. When that 17 year old kid stood up to the Supreme Court, and made them see, that was when we stopped breaking the first amendment.

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