Self-Service and Artificial Intelligence

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The use of artificial intelligence (AI) improves in the workplace environment. In its place, labor will not cost as much, and there will be more time to complete more important tasks. For instance, according to Zielinski (2019) AI, “allows employees to request time off, adjust schedules or swap shifts with co-workers, check pay information, complete open enrollment, and create personal profiles listing skills, certifications and licenses.” Although there are advantages to the use of AI, there are also disadvantages to it. Not all employees will know how to properly us an AI device, so there is room for error. Furthermore, AI’s only know answers that were programed to them, thus it will not provide employees all of the necessary answers.

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“Self-Service and Artificial Intelligence”

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Article Analysis Certain McDonalds on Guam, such as McDonalds Harmon, has recently installed their own self-service kiosks. Compared to other countries, Guam is still a bit old-fashioned when it comes to taking part in technology. It has been a long time coming, but we are slowly integrating the use of technology in our daily lives. Technology involvement on Guam is a new factor, hence why it took a while to be incorporate. Using self-service on Guam will be beneficial because we will elevate as an island. Article Evaluation Author Credibility: 30/30 – I believe he is a creditable author because his writing focus, is business.

Additionally, not only is he a business author, he is also an editor. Thus, why I rated Dave Zielinski’s creditability as an author a 30 out of 30. Information/Content: 30/30 – I rate this article a 30 out of 30. This article provided a good amount of information about self-service systems. It provided a survey of how many organizations use a self-service, and also what are the pros and cons of a self-service. Structure & Format: 20/20 – This article is a 20 out of 20 because it drew me in at the beginning with the question it asked. Additionally, for the reason that it listed the reasons of using a self-service system are helpful at the beginning of the article.

Then at the end of the article it had a rational explanation about self-service systems versus human. Site & Access: 9/10 – Although I did not have to make an account and have to pay for a membership, or run out of free articles, I still rate the site & access a 9 out of 10. I am only allowed to view five articles a month on the SHRM website. So, I was lucky I found an article before I ran into any complications. Purpose & other 10/10 – I believe this article’s purpose was to inform and persuade. The article informed readers why technology is a difference maker in the workplace, and persuaded readers as to why we should start using self-service systems. That is why I rated the purpose & other a 10 out of 10.

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