Andrew Jackson’s Leadership

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America has had many influential leaders over the past 200 years, including the most famous Andrew Jackson. Jackson has been seen as a very important figure in the United States history and was well known even before becoming president. Jackson was born in the Carolinas in 1767. Andrew was the youngest of three boys, raised by his Scotch-Irish immigrant parents. Jackson became a part of the army at the age of thirteen, which at that time was during the American Revolution. During his time fighting, he was captured and became a prisoner at war by the British.

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“Andrew Jackson’s Leadership”

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Jackson had many accomplishments under his belt before he ran for president. He was the first person to represent Tennessee in the U.S. House of Representatives. He also served in the Tennessee superior court and the United States Senate. He was an important general in the war of 1812. Jackson successfully led the United States forces into the regional conflict called the Creek War, this was said to be part of the War of 1812. He led the American troops in many battles during his career. One of those battles, and the most important was the Battle of New Orleans.

The Battle of New Orleans was the most important of Jackson’s Career, and is the main reason he is taught and remembered today. The defeat was one of the worst suffered by the British in any war, nearly two thousand British dead to only thirteen American casualties. Soon, the Battle of New Orleans entered into American national mythology as the place where the American military defeated the soldiers who had conquered Napoleon. This battle not only made Andrew Jackson be seen as a nation hero, but made the American troops and the country itself superior. The Battle of New Orleans also helped Jackson get into office.

Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the United States. He became president in 1829 and remained in office for two terms. Jackson came to Washington with a well-deserved reputation as an aggressive Indian fighter and dangerous military leader. Andrew was the first of the presidents to do many things. He was the first to live in a log cabin as a child, the first to be a prisoner at war, and to come from poverty growing up.

Andrew Jackson had a very successful presidency and was well respected. He was an advocate for the “common man.” This meant he was a representative of the majority in America. This helped him tremendously being that he won by popular vote. He was then known as the “people’s president”. He was very influential and his presidency was known as the Age of Jackson. As soon as Jackson got into office he began stating his demands. In his first annual message to Congress, he recommended that the Electoral College be eliminated. Jacksons greatest party battle started due to the Second Bank of the United States. He felt like this bank was a threat to traditional ideals that America endowed. His views on this earned him more than fifty six percent of the popular vote and won the approval from the American electorate.

His presidency made a greater democracy for the “common man”. This was the most important political movement for the United States at that time. Andrew Jackson played a huge role in society as he made the United States a more respectable place. Not only by the battles he won successfully, but by the advancement in the democracy at that particular time. He was hated by many but loved by so many more. Jackson embodied a new American Character. Though he was seen as a racist, his actions reflected the times in which he lived in.

Andrew Jackson left office in 1837 after serving two terms as president. He then hand-picked his favorite successor, Martin Van Buren. He wanted his reputation to remain and he felt Buren was the best choice, though Buren was defeated by William Harrison. It was not until Van Buren went against Jackson’s views on the annexation of Texas that Jackson went against him and began helping Polk in his election. During Jackson’s presidency, he always talked about having a quiet retirement at The Hermitage. Though he retired he could not let go of his political side. Honors and tributes only improved his retirement period.

As time went on, and the weight of age and sickness went against Andrew. His health had been very uncertain for years, and he always seemed to bounce back from these times but as we all know that can only last for so long. He had long awaited his death and faced it fearlessly. He died at the place he waited to go his whole presidency, The Hermitage. His death date was June 8th, 1845. Jackson will always be remembered as a fearless leader and a president for the people. As he made those of America feel as if they were in the same level as him. He will remain one the most important men in history because of the accomplishments before presidency and after. His love for this country remained in him until his last day on earth and that shows his true compassion for what he did.

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