Andrew Jackson’s Significance

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Born on March 15 1767, Andrew Jackson was a American soldier as well as a statesman. He later moved up to become General in the Army. From 1829 to 1837, Mr. Jackson was president of the United States. During Andrew Jackson presidency, he wanted as well as actually changing a lot of things. One of the first things he wanted to change was the right of the ""Common Man"". Before he became President he felt that the people in congress were corrupt. He wanted to makes things fair and Andrew did not want people to judge him based off his Army background.

Between the time of 1813-1814 Jackson lead all of the troops during the Creek War also known as the Red Stick War. ""In August 30, 1813 a faction of the Creek Indian Nation called the Red Sticks under Red Eagle, slew nearly 250 Alabama settlers in a brutal manner, resulting in the calling out of two 2,500 man forces, one under Jackson to punish and stop the Indians. It was feared that the Indians, in close contact with the Spanish, would begin a cooperative campaign against the southern U.S."" which resulted to Alabama and Georgia giving up their land.

In 1815, the Battle of New Orleans was lead by President Andrew Jackson. His army was outnumbered against the British. Having being at war with napoleonic France for a long time, Britain started pressing American Merchant sailors into service. They were forced to join the Royal Navy. The United States considered this illegal and threatened to retaliate, but even though Britain needed these sailors to re-enforce a blockade of France, the practice continued. This lead to a negative effect on the American economy of course. As the Americans moved West, they came upon native American nations who gave them a fight in order to defend their land.

The British became allies with these Native American nations, which thy gave them weapons. Britain got blamed for the attacks on the American settlers on the frontier which kept increasing.

On June 4, 1812 Congress declared at war on Britain. So on June 18 President Madison signed the declaration. Britain did not see this coming, so they were throwed off when it all happened, especially since they were not prepared for a war. Luckily for the British the American forces were also not prepared for a war. In 1812 the United States had enough soldiers to proceed into war with, and so they did. They were the first to attack. Many people were killed in this war including Major General Ross, in the process of fighting.

The war of 1812 should not be forgotten, because that is the turning point in the development in American Democracy, American government, the American sense of who we are. It was the chance we had in order to prove that we ha a right exists as a independent and free Nation, and that we did. After the war of 1812 we proved to everyone that we are here to stay, and that we are not going anywhere. It is sad to say but history remembers the war of 1812 as "" The Forgotten War"". this whole war was all worth it in the end because, we set the odds and still won.

In 1830 Congress passed the Indian Removal Act which said that all Indians living east of the Mississippi River must leave their lands and move to Indian Territory (Current day Oklahoma). Of course many tribes had a problem with just making their things and leaving, because they have been living there for a long time. They did not think this was right The Seminoles put a fight which caused troops to kill them, it was that or them being forced to leave.

Although they went about removing the indians the wong way, if this law was not made to begin with, the citizens would give a lot of backlash and later would take the next step to kill the indians.

Later in the year of 1833, Andrew Jackson encouraged Congress to pass the Force Bill law. The law was made to ""give the president the power to use the military to enforce the collection of import duties if a state refused to comply with federal tariffs. The bill was passed during the nullification crisis, which arose after South Carolina declared that it would treat the Tariff Acts of 1828 and 1832 as null and void. The Force Bill also contained a provision that rendered it effective only until the conclusion of the next congressional session.""

Without this law the President of the United States would not be able to call on the Army in emergency events, when needed.

In 1834 Andrew Jackson made a big decision to destroy all the national debt. This was the only time in history that all debt was paid. The debt was 75 million, but the United States at that time was worry free of how they were going to pay that off. Before Andrew Jackson ran for President he knew his biggest enemy would be the bank. Eventually Mr. Jackson had to pay the debt. If he did not it will cause another war.

In addition to Andrew Jackson being President of the United States, he was also a good man. His strong characteristics helped him lead the army and the whole United States into many victories. He has shown to be a great leader in many different situations. All Mr. Jackson ever wanted to do was make America great. He also wanted to keep America that way years down the line. He was not only fighting for his country while he was President, but he was fighting for the United States so it can forever be good and secure. Many people may not agree with how he did things, but to his defense, President Andrew Jackson's Presidency was significant, because it lead to victories that will later help the country become strong years down the line.

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