Seventh President of the United States – Andrew Jackson

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Andrew Jackson the seventh president of the united states and one of the most controversial president. Andrew Jackson had become popular in 1812 when he led the British to succeed against the battle of New Orleans. Many thought Andrew was a great military leader which led to suggestions of him running for the presidency. Throughout the years every president has changed the united states for the better Jackson has changed it for the worst. Although Jackson was a valiant war hero, his forced removal and assimilation towards the Native Americans, a corrupt spoils system, and major national bank changes that only really benefitted him negatively impacted the United States.

Andrew Jackson showed why he wasn't good for this country in many ways the first example was the spoils system. The spoils system was a method of appointing officials to the government of the united states of America based on their political connections rather than on their impersonal measure. He introduced the spoils system after winning the 1828 presidential election. It was a tactic Andrew Jackson used he hired his friends and the people that voted for him and gave them jobs in the white house. These yes men he controlled like puppets he could make them do whatever he wanted and if they didn't follow they would be fired.

Secondly, Andrew Jackson inspired the Indian removal act. It enabled Jackson the power of negotiating removal treaties with Indian tribes. He enhanced ambition for American settlers to find more land in the southwestern region of North America. Andrew Jackson thought that these Indians were in the way of eastern development so he decided to kick them out of their own land that they had owned for years. He allowed Americans to fully evict the natives. They were allowed to kill and drag them out of their land. In 1831 the supreme court that Cherokee Indians had the right to self-government and that the united states could not interfere with that. But he ignored the supreme court he continued to force them out of the west.

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