Andrew Jackson was a Villain?

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Everyone in this world have the good and evil faces. They will be known for the good deed by a as well as the bad deeds for certain group of people. Andrew Jackson AKA Old hickory and the hero of New Orleans was the 7th president of the United States of America. He was known to be caring and was associated with many good things during his supremacy such as providing the people with laws that they wanted instead of giving all the decision-making powers to congress. The actions that he described was an angry person and bad temper. He is considered a villain because he killed the bank destroying economy, was a slave trader and Indian removal act.

Firstly, Andrew Jackson killed the bank that destroyed the economy. Jackson also had trouble with the bank. Jackson also developed a mistrust for banks which led him to believe that the Bank of United States. In 1833, Jackson reacted against the bank by get rid of Federal deposits and engaging them in ""pet"" state banks. (Andrew)The Jackson administration stated in its ""Specie Circular"" that expenditures for federal land purchases be made in specie. (Andrew)Results loose state banking practices and a credit reduction, a major financial crisis was created when Martin Van Buren grabbed presidency in March 1837 (Andrew).The bank war with the Nicholas Biddle and Andrew Jackson created the economic tension and the poor people must face lots of economic problem like Interest on loan, crashed share market and many more things. Normal Americans compensated the price for their economic faults. Andrew Jackson was the lead of the bank war and caused economic panic.

Secondly, Jackson improved him social standard in the society by the help of his enslaved workers. They helped him producing cotton, constructing houses. He owned almost 161 slaves, who worked for him to build his fortune and he even brought them to white house. This is how he went from poor to rich. But Jackson was very brutal with his employee. He used to be so rude and beat them too. He used to chain them and after the slavery ends too, the slaves were found chained. He enslaved many black people and he did not behave them humanly and promoted the slavery in the time of his presidency.

Finally, Andrew Jackson's Indian removal act happened on May 28, 1830. His presidency is seen as a failure initially because of his Indian Removal act in 1830 allowing the Jackson to grant unsettled lands west of the Mississippi in exchange for Indian lands that were within the state borders (Primary, April 2003). A small number of tribes chose to leave peacefully while many of them were unhappy and ignored the relocation policy (Primary, April 2003). The period running of winter led to the forcible eviction of the Cherokees towards the west by United States government. This inhumane act was named as the Trail of Tears"" Primary, April 2003), one out of four Cherokees were killed which emphasizes the notion that President Andrew Jackson was a villain.

These ideas that the 7th president of the United States of America was indeed a villain in the eyes of many. Andrew Jackson destroyed the economy by bank war, promoted slavery, and the Indian removal act. He might have had e a few instances whereby he was hailed as a hero but in my honest belief, the bad that he did is eviler among all the good deeds that he might have been done for. Especially, the killing of Cherokees creates the worst of legacies ever left behind by an American president as the numbers are at an unacceptable level. In fact, this action is equivalent to slaughter which makes him murderer president. He was a murderer of Charles Dickinson in a duel. Jackson is a president which have hot temper and have known for many decisions unethical by many critics which make him villain in his life.

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