Abortion should be a Personal Choice

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In many facets of legislation, it is often argued that there are infringements upon an individual’s personal rights. Living under a free democracy, a citizen’s rights shouldn’t be violated, including the right to personal, private choices made regarding our bodies. Whether they eat McDonalds or a salad, whether they lay in bed all day or go for a long walk, whether they drink milk, water or soda; all simple choices made on a daily basis which are not policed. Yet when the bigger choices are monitored and controlled, how far could it be taken? Whether pro-life or pro-choice, it is always a relevant concern, while in the quest to maintain ethical humane choices, how much power the government is given in control over individual rights to decide what is best for their bodies or personal well-being.

Granting government control over how its citizens should handle their bodies with no autonomy or say in the matter is a slippery slope when the line gets fuzzy over what rights government will have over its citizen’s bodies in the future. Where will government reach eventually extend? Extreme scenarios to consider if a government bans abortions: forced birth control measures, mandatory implants that could control the nature of the body and monitor the private choices one makes regarding their health and bodies. One day as a citizen of your country, you might be issued your social security number and a microscopic chip implanted regulating and controlling your ability to procreate as you wish from the second you’re born. All for the good of society. This scenario seems far-fetched but allowing governments to control our bodies gives much to consider. It is a valid concern not to be ignored.

I could never imagine abortion as a personal option, but I also know that a woman may not divulge all the reasons for opting to have the procedure done. It can seem a selfish maneuver on a woman’s part if there are no health reasons to impede a normal birth. It can be hard to imagine why a child couldn’t just be given up for adoption immediately after delivery. It seems tragic for the unborn child to be robbed of its unknown potential, to contribute to the human experience in its own unique way. In the end, while it will never be known how the aborted child would have fared in life, the pregnant woman will have to deal with their choices later, even and especially in the realm of personal regret and pain. This is a very personal choice and there will always be conflicting views and changing laws regarding abortion. It is a debate without end.

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