The Anti Abortion in Life

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Saying you support women’s right and not supporting woman's choice is confusing isn’t it? But pro-life stance could be a little unpleasant. Women would like to think that you believe that they’re little more valuable than an embryo. Taking away a woman's choice causes great harm to both women and children. They either get forced to endure pregnancy against their will, which I would compare it rape, or to get an abortion illegally putting their health and possibly life at jeopardy. If it’s mandatory to continue an unwanted pregnancy you end up with an undesirable kid who could face a life of neglect and abuse.

During the 1800’s birthing/abortion procedure are not like what it is now. The mortality rate of both the mother and the child were high during birth and abortion was just the same. The states were making abortion illegal. They were afraid that they weren’t making enough babies and the immigrants were making more than we were. Because of that, thousands of women went out of their way to have an illegal abortion. That resulted in death and serious medical issues due to unexperienced personnel doing the procedure. Then came the Roe vs Wade law that made abortion legal.

Roe vs Wade was a Jan 22, 1973 Supreme Court Ruling which held that the Texas State Abortion laws were sufficiently vaguely worded as to violate a woman's 14th amendment right to privacy (NAF, 2015). The end result was striking down anti-abortion acts throughout the country. Personally, I think the decision properly reflected the intent of the Constitution as scripted, but most of the Christian Churches resist it on the grounds that it meant that women are allowed to make life choices even if the Priests didn't like them. It seems like what most people fail to see, is that the Court only ruled on the right for women to make the decision for themselves.

It seems like before birth, everyone cares for you and the fetus. They care about your health, the fetus’ health, the gender, and if you have enough supplies for when the baby comes. But after birth, does anyone really care about the child’s mental or physical health anymore? There are some that are born into poverty, violence, abuse, and many other terrible situations. Then they have a chance of turning out to be criminals. Some parents can’t financially or mentally have a kid. That would make the kid grow up feeling unwanted or hated. We don’t get to choose who our parents are, if we did the world would be pretty great for some people. But what we can do is make sure that we’re bringing in a life that can be loved and happy.

But don’t we all know of bodily autonomy? For example, we all get to choose if we want to be donors when we die. If we don’t agree to it then no one gets to take our organs to save someone else’s life. So why does the dead have more rights, than a pregnant woman? However, thinking abortion should be illegal doesn’t mean I’m okay with someone that’s close to term in their pregnancy and all of a sudden, they want an abortion. Abortion should be okay, if all of a sudden, the mother’s life is in danger or the child can’t live a normal life and is suffering from it. Terminating a fetus that will grow into an unhappy severe disabled person is the only right thing to do. You can decide yourself that you’re going to spend the rest of your life taking care of them for as long as you can. You can’t forget that that little sick baby won’t stay a baby for long, one day they’re going to be bigger and weigh more than you.

What’s going to happen when you’re not able to care for your child anymore? So, my point is, you can’t decide to leave the kid who can’t care or think for themselves to be cared for by strangers. Then expect others to care for your kid the way that you did. Unless, you’re extremely wealthy and can leave him enough money to be cared for until he’s dead. If they’re not compatible with life, and you’re bringing them into the world, they are going to be just miserable until death. All adults that are healthy that goes into the hospital for being sick starts to feel miserable being there. Now imagine a kid that’s always in the hospital sick, in pain, not able to communicate, and have had a bunch of surgeries to stay alive. Birth defects are common, dangerous and its critical. In the United States, there’s 1 baby with defects born out of 33 (CDC, 2018). The chart below shows how many kids get these sickness and it’s a lot more than people would think and these are just a few examples. 

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