An Argument against Pro Life (Abortion) because Killing a Fetus is Morally Wrong

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Before arguing for the case of abortion, I will contend against it. Arguments against prohibiting abortion are based on the basic assumption of considering a fetus as a human being[Pet16]. It is a universal law that killing an innocent person is morally wrong[App16]. Since fetus has life and entails a personhood, rights and a moral worth, and it is morally wrong to deprive someone of their moral worth[Don89]. Therefore, abortion is tantamount to killing which is morally wrong[Law13].

On the contrary, some philosophers challenge the status of the fetus as a person on the grounds that there is no distinct point of declaring a fetus a human being[Bai01]. Also, there are some cases when there is no moral harm in terminating fetus even if its personhood is determined in some arbitrary way[Phe09]. For example, if the life of a woman is in danger due to a fetus, abortion is morally right[Mar73]. Moreover, a woman is free to choose for herself if she wants an abortion or wants to carry through[Kat14]. Therefore, for the reasons mentioned above, it is cogent to let the women decide for herself on the question of abortion and allow her if she wants to proceed with abortion or otherwise[Ber12].

As far as my opinion is concerned, the argument for abortion seems more plausible to me. Since women are masters of their own bodies and have exclusive rights over them, therefore, they should be allowed to decide whatever they deem fit for themselves and the society[Jud71]. Moreover, there are some specific situations when even anti-abortionist agrees for abortion. Therefore, abortion is supported by all on basis of circumstances and it is mere a matter of settings and choices. A common myth is that if abortion were outlawed, all of the unwanted children would be adopted. The cold hard fact is that unwanted children would cause more problems for our society. This statement is one that no one wants to hear. The idea of unwanted children scares many Americans, and thinking of what unwanted children must live through is even scarier.

In summary, anti-abortionists assume fetus as a human being with moral worth and claim against abortion as abortion equals killing of a human being. However, those who contend for abortion argue that personhood argument is flawed and women must be given a choice over the issue. One view that pro-life may feel is that pro- choice means pro-abortion.

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