Aid-out Rules and Values of the Military

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The Noncommissioned officer 2020 strategy is a strategy that provides the vision and the guidance needed by the NCOs to prepare themselves regarding the challenges of the uncertain future. The strategy is significantly important in providing ways that will provide tools to help the development of all NCOs. US Army leads the training and doctrine commands. To begin with, it changes the noncommissioned officer education system and changes it into Noncommission professional development system. The strategy aims at Mitigating the challenges of the 21st century that NCOs like myself are likely to encounter. The strategy should be able to analyze the current environmental conditions and address issues and problems affecting a lot of NOCs current.

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“Aid-out Rules and Values of the Military”

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The NCOs will need to prepare and learn how to handle the new challenges that they might get their self into. I believe that if the corps don’t prepare themselves, then they will have a very hard time addressing new and emerging issues. The preparation of the corps can help them to handle and mitigate some of these challenges, is a matter of exigency. In regard the strategy developed aims at educating the officers on the changes and the revolutionized noncommissioned education system. This has been a big change in the noncommissioned officer profession development system. In regards the system will tend to link training and the relevant experiences that will be a big play for officers and noncommissioned officer.

The NCO 2020 strategy falls into three distinct lines. These three lines of effort are majorly development, talent management and lastly, stewardship of the profession. The strategy tries to develop leaders through various processes. I have been able to understand the development process more clearly since it encompasses training, education, and experience to the NCOs throughout the life cycle of the Soldiers. This process is vital to Soldiers understand the rudiments of a Soldier’s life and be able to respond during any challenges. I think that this first process is very important for the Soldiers as it training them with the necessary skills to overcome different challenges that they will face.

The other aspect that is crucial in the strategy is talent management. I believe that talent management is important, Solders will be able to utilize their strengths and talents to benefit the Army. However, the Army identifies the talents and skills, to ensure that the Soldiers are well-equipped for the challenges that they are likely to face with in the 21st century. The career management field plays a vital role in leadership development required for the Soldiers. I believe that the adoption of development positions, opportunities and assignments play a major role in talent development. This enhances the leadership qualities of Soldiers.

Stewardship of the profession is critical in building trust and loyalty to the Army while adhering to the tenets of professionalism. I believe that stewardship of the professions makes the Soldiers to be more disciplined, and they don’t violate the laid-out rules of the military. Stewardship is vital to inculcate trust to the Soldier. I believe that stewardship constantly improves the military expertise of the Soldiers involved. I can see that stewardship helps the Soldiers to serve diligently and makes them to be dedicated to the course of defending the country and serving at the pleasure of their leaders in the Army.

In conclusion, the strategy developed is vital to help Soldiers be able to anticipate how to tackle various problems affecting them in the 21st century. Proper training in the methodological approach to apply is crucial to them, so they can tackle these problems. The Noncommissioned officer 2020 strategy is vital as it documents the guidance and the planning aspects necessary for mitigating challenges in the 21st century. The strategy falls into three distinct lines which are paramount for the success of the strategy. These include development, talent management and stewardship of the profession.

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