Should Military Service be Mandatory

If you don’t like this country you can leave. No one is holding you back from simply running away. If you don’t believe in fighting for your country and showing loyalty then you can go.

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You can leave and never return. Why so on edge you might ask? Well, I just thought about how military service in a time of war is needed from everyone. This mandatory option provides three great skills. This gives young adults a chance to learn a lot of different skills, morally and physically, which many parents may not be able to offer. If teenagers enlist for the army, they will be taught lessons that will help them later on in life. Secondly, it will make a nation much stronger, physically and mentally. After this, citizens will be better equipped to deal with more difficulties and problems in life. Lastly, it will prevent other countries from invading. If other countries ever plan to attack a nation filled with volunteer military personnel, they will think twice before launching an attack. This is because they most likely will be overpowered with 300 million extra soldiers. This will make sure it will be chaos if a country tries to invade a country like the United States. While people say mandatory military service violates people’s rights to exercise free will. You will see how much it unites the country and how it creates a strong defensive force in the military.

September 16, 1940 was an important day. The United States had put a act called Selective Training and Service, which made all men between the ages of 21 and 45 to register for the draft in times of war. This was a serious day because this started one of the smartest option’s people can possible have, males from 21 to 45 having to serve during wars. Mandatory military service can promote national unity in many ways. First, it shows citizens to learn and train together, creating that shared experience of having served in the military. Then, there is also a general understanding of what life in the army is like, what is required of the job, and what has to be done so as to protect the country. However some people are not interested in that lifestyle or doesn’t want to even know, citizens would be able to understand and have appreciation for the sacrifices people in the military make for their country. A active army with large bodies of soldiers that is ready to respond is effective and scary.

Every citizen that joins the armed forces when the need arises, the public will be more aware. You might not like to think about it, but part of the process is risking young people lives. The trainings they will provide goes far beyond the technical skills needed to get the job done. Many military volunteers who have pursued a career in the civilian workplace mentioned several other skills and work-related attitudes that help them well in their job. These include teamwork, responsibility, initiative, stress management, diversity, and global awareness. Others learn the habits of healthy living and discipline as well as the skills in self-defense. Mandatory Mandatory enlistment means that “no one” will be exempted from facing wars. All citizens, be they celebrities, rich businessmen or ordinary people, will be required to serve when the nation is facing war or in need of extra soldiers. If all citizens are forced to serve in the military, this will allow them to learn and train together. This will also be a chance for them to share the same experience of having served their country. People will also have more respect for each other because they will see what it’s like to be in the military, allowing them to better appreciate and understand the job of a soldier. This will then eliminate social status and things like wealth class. A reason for that is because any citizen, whether rich or poor, is entitled to enlist in the military. As a result, social statues are eliminated, promoting equality among all people. A result to this effect this causes line of respect. Because soldiers are trained thoroughly to respect freedom and values, there will be a nation that has respect for the land and most of all freedom.

Imagine everyone male in the USA holding a gun. That will be pretty scary. Extra bodies creates a strong defensive force. If every male citizen goes to the military, it allows the country to be able to able defend its land and its people. There will also be enough trained soldiers to defend their nation and meet demands of a conflict. In other words, a nation that mandates compulsory military service will have sufficient protection at all times.

These are just a few reasons of why I believe that mandatory service in a time of war is a must. Again, It offers young adults a chance to learn a wide range of skills, morally, psychologically and physically, which parents may not be able to offer. It makes a nation much stronger, physically and mentally. It will prevent other countries from invading. Thank you for reading my opinion.  

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