Global Combat Support System for Army Values

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The Global Combat Support System is a web-based automated logistics system used by the U.S Army. This system will help aid the commanders as they plan, provide for, the material requirements for combat support. Global Combat Support System will meet the Soldier’s needs for responsive support at the right place and time. It will improve the commander’s situational awareness with accurate and sensitive information. This system replaced five logistics systems in tactical units and will establish an interface and integration with joint systems. In this paper, we are going to cover the way the Global Combat Support System is making an impact on the Army as a whole, next we are going to talk about how it helps the individual Soldier improve as a whole, last we will discuss the way it is making the maintenance system better and more comfortable for the commander to track. The Global Combat Support System is a joint military system that helps soldiers improve their jobs.

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“Global Combat Support System for Army Values”

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First, at the unit level, the Global Combat Support System is making a huge impact. The system is an information system that is being used to track the company’s property accountability books, supplies, and managing maintenance. This system will help companies be able to order more and track more information. Commanders will be able to anticipate, allocate, and synchronize the flow of resources. The Global Combat Support System has many roles that are based on military occupation and leadership roles. The commander has the right to view multiple transactions in their organization and will be able to delegate the role to other people, such as the executive officer. The motor sergeant has a different purpose than everyone else. The only thing they will be able to do is to write several maintenance functions. With everything being online makes it easier for the maintenance problems to be tracked at the Battalion level. Therefore, the Battalion leadership can have a better understanding of what level our firepower your company is and where it needs to improve. So they do not try to send a unit to support another unit when they do not have enough full mission capable vehicles to complete the mission.

Second, there are many ways that the Global Combat Support System helps the individual Soldier. The first thing that it allows Soldiers with is helping be able to dispatch vehicles—making a straightforward system for the clerk to go online and dispatch the vehicles—letting the commander go online to approve them and print them out. This system also allows the clerk that is dispatching the vehicle a straightforward way to make sure that the operator is licensed on that vehicle. This system makes for an easy way for master drivers to add new vehicles to Soldiers Military licenses. The second most significant impact comes to the supply personal. With supply having to manage the commander’s property book, it is essential to keep it the most up to date as possible. Global Combat Support Systems makes ordering supplies much more natural to supply personal in ways that they have taken older systems and combined them. Once orders are placed, it will allow the order to flow through different individuals before it is approved. The best part about this system is that once your order has been accepted and is fully placed. The supply sergeant can track the order all the way up until it gets to the supply support activity for pickup. Another thing that the system will help with is that it will produce turn in forms for anything that the supply sergeant would want to turn in—making them not have to create them and go to turn something in and find out that the form was filled out wrong. This system is just making it impossible for induvial Soldiers to make mistakes that can be avoided by small mistakes.

Finally, maintenance is improving all across the board due to the impact that the Global Combat Support System is making. Being mission capable starts with maintenance and is vital to unit readiness. The Global Combat Support system allows the chain on command to pull status reports as often as they want to check the equipment status reports. The equipment status report will provide the commanders with data about pieces of equipment and the status of the parts on order. The Global Combat Support System will let commanders see the history of the parts that have been ordered on a particular vehicle in the past and if it is always the same part going wrong with the same model vehicle. When the commander or the executive officer uses this system, they can determine the dead lining faults and the estimated ship date of the repair parts. They can even see where the incoming part is coming from. Also, they can pull the past service records for the vehicles off of this system. Therefore, they will have a better understanding of how the part is going to get here and can make sure that the operator of that vehicle and mechanic is ready to install the part when it comes in. Making sure the vehicle is not dead lined longer than it needs to be.

  1. In conclusion, the Global Combat Support System is making a significant impact on the Army as a whole. This essay provided you with information on what it is improving and how it is doing so. We talked about how it is tracking the company’s property books and how it is making it easier for them to manage everything in those companies. Then we talked about how this Global Combat Support System is making the job of the individual Soldier easier and making them be able to accomplish their job in a timely manner. Last we talked about how the system is making the Army maintenance system more efficient and making it easier for the commanders to get their vehicles fully mission ready. The Global Combat Support System is a very organized system that will improve the Army as a whole and all the down to the Soldier level.
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