Major Trends that Will Shake the Business World  (essay)

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As noted in recent weeks, the business world has experienced a lot of changes. Specifically, this memo addresses the major trends that will have implication on the business world.

According to information from Forbes, the business world continues to change in various aspects that range from sales projections, marketing campaigns, and consumer preferences among others. It is not surprising that many enterprises would want to respond to the various modifications so that they can survive in the competitive environment. A review of the trends that will shake the business world was particularly interesting that I found it important to share with you. According to Forbes, a greater reliance on a freelance workforce will be a major trend, and it will affect the way businesses operate. The concept will help businesses to scale up and accomplish many roles simultaneously (Young Entrepreneur Council). It will also allow employees to work in the comfort of their homes, an aspect that will improve their productivity due to the boosted morale. Another major trend will be blockchain’s interruption of new industries. While it has already made a great impact on the banking industry, it is likely to make its way into other upcoming businesses.

Furthermore, social shopping will be on the rise. According to Daisyme’s argument, as stated in Forbes, the upcoming holiday season will signal the growth of online shopping. Due to the advancement in technology, most people are spending most of their accessing the internet. The modern electronic devices such as smartphones have made access to the internet easier and convenient. Besides, there are many companies that do their sales online such as Amazon and eBay. In this case, any upcoming business person must think about how he or can target customers from the online platforms. Equally, people anticipate artificial intelligence and machine learning. Due to the increment of demand from clients to build apps that involve artificial intelligence and machine learning, professionals in information technology are now forced to enhance their skills in AI and ML tools to take care of the growing demand.

Wellness at work is another trend that will impact the business world. Currently, people are more concerned about balance and simplicity. According to Forbes, employees prefer working smarter as opposed to working hard. The phenomenon is gaining momentum especially during the current information technology era where more employees can fit in flexible or remote roles. Apart from that, there is an increasing trend by customers to reach out on the customer service team by text. However, the availability of various tools such as the Facebook app, iMessage and WhatsApp has influenced this trend (Young Entrepreneur Council). The reason for this tendency is that customers desire immediate answers and more informal means of communication. To a large extent, businesses are now shifting to standing desks as opposed to the traditional sit-to-stand desks. The reason is that many Americans are aware of the benefits of staying health. Many people perceive that working while standing reduces chances of acquiring lifestyle diseases such as obesity and diabetes.

As a distinguished leader and employer, I am pleased to inform you about the recent trends that will influence businesses. I hope that this is the information that you wanted, and I am ready to do more if needed.   

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