The Walt Disney Company: Technology, Changes and Socio-Cultural Trends

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The Walt Disney Company is an international company that started in the year of 1923 as Disney Brothers Studio. Walt Disney signed a contract with M. J. Winker in order to produce a series called Alice Comedies. At this time, it was a small company is now a global multi-billion-dollar company. Walt Disney Company has a range of different media networks, parks, experiences, and other consumer products. (About – Leadership, Management Team, Global, History, Awards, Corporate Responsibility)

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“The Walt Disney Company: Technology, Changes and Socio-Cultural Trends”

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Output (Products and Services)

The Walt Disney Company is one of the biggest entertainment corporations in the world. Offering a wide range of products and services including: Media networks, Parks and Resorts, Studio Entertainments, -Toys, Home Decor, Books, Magazines, Foods, Beverages, Stationary, Electronics, Fine Art, The Disney Store retail chain (Olbermann, 2009). The company has a huge range of products, entertainment opportunities; The company does a great job providing numerous variations of products and services.

Their Competitors

The Walt Disney Company has a number of competitors but the top ones currently include, Blue Sky Studios, Viacom, DreamWorks and Time Warner. These companies are big on film, computer animated engineering, media, and entertainment.

Walt Disney Company’s Application of Technology

According to Forbes Journal (2017.), in 2017 the Disney theme parks they have started a new system for ordering food, and beverages called, New Mobile One, similar to Starbucks One, where you can order food easier. The company expenditures technology to make the park experience less hectic, which should definitely upturn spending as well as visitors. About 20% of the purchases made in the parks are on food items, a more effective and convenient food ordering system could attract more spending at its restaurants.

The Walt Disney Company also has Hyperion, a path tracing technology used for animation, Matterhorn, a physically based simulation is an essential tool for creating realistic and believable computer-generated environments, as well as Meander, a individual vector fusion animation system with the prime goal of bringing the power of digital tools to hand-drawn animation.

Walt Disney Company’s Suppliers

Disney has a wide range of supplier diversity, according to the Asian Business Association-Los Angeles. They have teams working with them from ABC, ESPN, Marvel, Pixar, and Lucas Film.

According to Forbes Journal the Walt Disney Company’s Park operator Euro Disney says that since the doors opened right outside of Paris in 1992 it has purchased more than $3 billion of goods and services from great number of European suppliers. Disney has suppliers in Belgium, theses suppliers make edible versions of Disney Icons. Almost 30% of Euro Disney’s $96.6 million of imports in 2015 were ordered from British suppliers. (Sylt, 2018)

Demographic Changes

According to Disney’s Demographic makeup in the beginning was mainly influenced by the Baby boomers, children being born between 1946 and 1964 created a huge marketplace for family entertainment, which theme parks facilitated to please. (Niles, 2018). Boomers began expanding their families which helped start another era of attractions in the 1990s, led by the introductory of Universal Orlando and the developments of Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

Disney has been working for years to expand its attractions to people of all ages trying to include attractions that people of all ages can enjoy- Pixar Fest just offers latest instance of Disney making changes to broaden its demographic horizons for different age groups.

Socio-Cultural Trends

Walt Disney Company has a set of values, traditions and customs that are influential to the employees’ motivation and behaviors. The company ensures that employees mannerisms reflect standards that are in alignment with the target customers’ likings and hopes in the mass media, theme parks, resorts and entertainment industries. (Williams, 2017)

The business principles are based from the company’s mission and vision statements, which encourages employees to provide the top entertainment and customer service to its guest as they call it. Innovation, decency, quality, community, storytelling, and optimism are the key characteristics of Walt Disney’s corporate culture. Walt Disney Company’s business culture wires strategic management for enhancing business presentation through social factors. This organizational culture sheds light on the worth of human capitals in accomplishing outstanding branding in the worldwide industry.

The Walt Disney Company must make changes often due to the changes in demographics because when the population’s demographics change the company has to change with it to keep up with the needs of its main consumers. The company has to implement new components to satisfy the variety of new consumers coming into their markets.

The company also must make the experiences with them more convenient for everyone via technology because in this day in age people are looking for the easiest routes when purchasing goods and services, the e-market is changing everyday to satisfy these needs and the company will have to make the same changes if they want to keep their customer base satisfied.

With their competitors growing, the company has to also keep up with trends as far as animation, what type of entertainment different age groups want. Different factors drive what is popular in the entertainment industry, so Disney has to keep up with what is demanded in entertainment.

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