Admission to Nurse Practioner School

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Handling the needs of clients requires excellent knowledge. I would like to pursue the nursing practice education to widen my scope of healthcare practice. I would like to reach my customers and give them satisfaction when I serve them. Being a complete nursing practitioner comes with a lot of commitment which gives me the feeling of responsibility. I would like to carry on preventative health care in my community as my main interests are in primary health care. Once I become a professional health care provider, I will be in a position to administer services to clients and give them more individual attention and encourage them to carry on with their lifestyle. With class education and field practices provided in your school will give more time to interact with the patients. I have great passion with patient consistency. Through consistency with the clients and class work, I will answer difficult questions which need education and experience. Continued interaction with the patients will also grant an opportunity to develop customer rapport and know them at their level.

I like helping people around me to solve their life problems. When I was young, I lost a friend because I lacked competence in first aid administration. After his demise, my love for health care increased. I would like to see everyone happy after saving them from a health challenge. I also like giving hope to lives even when life seems hopeless. Through education, I will get all the knowledge I want to improve my skills. I have a great love with health care profession because being a nurse does not only mean that I will be useful in the office. With the medical knowledge, I will help people at my job and also people outside of the clinical setting. I will be able to help my friends, family, and coworkers. I will always be of help when they are facing difficulties with their well-being. I will also be able to address my health problems. With my expanded knowledge, I will have the ability to make my lifestyle choices and healthy decisions.

My father was the reason I developed an interest in health care. My dad was a medical practitioner in the hometown. When I was applying for my university education, I could not pick which area of specialization was the best. My father suggested that I become a nurse. He told me that in health care, nurses are needed in large numbers because they formed the backbone of patient care. His work as a nurse has greatly inspired me to work hard and become a health care provider. Our family has a culture of healthcare provision. My dad is a nurse, and my mother is a dentist. They are all my mentors and have encouraged me to pursue the nursing degree.

Nursing ethics are the guiding rod towards giving the right services. Ethical sensitivity provides the nursing practitioners for responding morally to vulnerability and suffering of the people receiving professional services. It is also according to ethics that the healing practitioners should offer assistance without discrimination. Nursing is also a leadership call because I will be able to give directions and am expected to direct patients in the right direction. As a leader, I should be able to get an education all the time there is a chance. I should also find the best school to get the education and develop my skills. I chose to further my education as a nursing practitioner with your school so am looking forward to getting into your school.

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