Why i Want to be a Critical Care Nurse?

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When you ask a random stranger, friend, or family member, “what does being a nurse mean or what is a nurse?” Usually you will get an answer that goes along the lines of “ a nurse is someone who cares for the sick.” It sounds so simple from a person looking in but it is so much more than just caring for the sick. It’s about having the knowledge and understanding to care for that person and their family members. Having had some hospital experience I’ve seem how hard and how much work most nurses put in. I’ve worked alongside nurses and seen how exhausting it can get in a 12 hour period and then i wonder why make such an exhaustive job a career? Because It is such a rewarding feeling knowing that you are a part of someone’s wellness journey. That is why i want to do it. I have always wanted to become a nurse. Ever since i could remember. My mother was a nurse back in my country in Africa. She is very warm, loving, and compassionate and has a passion for caring for people. And I believe all those qualities point in my direction.

Nursing is not about the money but about the attitude and understanding you have towards a dying patient and their sorrowful family. Every one is different and each indivudial reacts differently to certain situations. I am confident in myself that i can handle any hard situation. After all, the well-being of the person I am caring for is what really matters, and I will go above and beyond to care for that person. I know that this is the path I am choosing and I will always be grateful and proud of my work as a nurse. I just need a chance to acquire the best knowledeg needed to become a nurse.

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