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Is it really possible to climb or stick to walls? Well obviously we as humans can climb walls but what about a flat smooth 90 degree angled wall? It’s not entirely impossible, mechanical engineer Elliot Hawkes from Stanford University developed a Geko suit that covers the entire body with sticky adhesive substance. It is designed to support a person weight to climb or stick onto glass walls. Researchers have found that a simple Geckos body surface is 4.3 covered in sticky foot pads. A human being needs 40% of adhesive padding all over the body making it sort of possible to climb a glass wall.

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For all its blind tinkering, evolving still has to work within specific physical limits. Size is an example concerning these specific traits, and it’s the cause why specific qualities work for some animals but not others. One characteristic is the sticky padding a trait that evolved individually in various kinds, including reptiles, mammals and amphibians. But if the sticky pad is so valuable, why don’t we see it in larger creatures maybe like, humans? To get to the root of the matter, why can’t humans have the capability to climb glass buildings?

The solution is pretty easy, as a species, people are simply too large. There was research published in the journal PNAS, biologists from the University of Cambridge’s department of zoology explain that the larger an animal is, the greater the proportion of its body surface area is needed to be adhesive for it stick to a wall. In short, if you’re big, your sticky feet need to be much bigger. So, for an animal tiny as an ant, only 0.09 percent of the animals surface area needs to be sticky for it to walk up walls. For a gecko, this percentage increases to 4.3 percent, and for a person estimated surface area needed is 40 percent or 80 percent if you’re only applying one half of your body with sticky substance.

“If a human, for example, desired to climb up a wall the style Gecko does, we’d need impractically big sticky pad shoes in European size 145 or US size 114,” says Walter Federle, senior writer from Cambridge’s office of zoology, in a rush report. You could obtain nearly each of the exterior of your body one large adhesive pad, of course, but then how would you proceed? Each time you tried to lift an arm or leg to do some climbing you’d fall off the wall, as there wouldn’t be big enough connection within your body including the exterior you were climbing to grip you up there.

The crux of the matter is that some mass and surface region of an animal appears to progress at the same speed. animals get larger, the proportion of the surface region to mass drops. “This poses an obstacle for bigger climbing animals,” says David Labonte, a senior writer from the identical office. “Because, when they are larger and heavier, others require extra sticking ability, but others have relatively less body surface possible concerning adhesive footpads,” Labonte assumes this indicates there’s a relatively natural upper limit concerning how large animals that make use of sticky pads can be before it utterly becomes too substantial effort and it’s regarding the size of a gecko.

Of course, the research simply looked through those adhesive pads located in nature, and with stickier elements, the quantity of the surface region required would be reduced. Labonte, Federle, and their associates also determined that this was true between several species where animals continued growing larger quicker than their sticky pad size was rising instead, their pads became stickier. That indicates that people may never be suitable to scale up walls using only our feet and hands, we might be able to do so with specifically engineered adhesive pads. So, fewer Spider-Mans, and increased Doctor Octopuses.

Can humans obtain these mutations physically? Like in the movie Spider-man Peter Parker was an average smart frail nerd who no one really talked to but his best friend Harry. Everything changed when the spider creeped out of its cage and bit Peter Parker which gave him powers such as shooting webs, agility, super strength, the ability to climbs walls and also the ability to see again. Is it possible to retain these physical abilities? Well, we all know that today we can now have laser eye surgery which eliminates the need for eyeglasses. The laser was developed in the 1970s and approved to be used in 1995. it basically removes small pieces of the cornea with the laser.

It takes many years to gain the power of super strength but some people, unfortunately, take shortcuts and use steroids. Steroids were first developed in the 1980s They were used to treat a variety of inflammatory diseases and conditions. Athletes from around the world took advantage of the serum and abused it to build bigger muscles. This goes the same for agility it takes many years to retain this ability but people always try to find shortcuts.

Is it possible to shoot webs from your wrist? Spider-man was not initially granted the power to spin webs so instead he created a wrist-mounted device which fires adhesive webbing. As far as we know there is no possible way to shoot webs directly out from your wrist through some kind of mutation but There is a way to come close to shooting webs like spider-man which includes some crafting. People all over the world tried making web shooters from the time the first spider-man movie was released. Many people had the right idea but weren’t quite there. what I’ve been seeing was that the webs were not able to shoot very far as they do in the movie also there were web shooters that cant support weight or strong enough to swing like Spider-man does swinging from building to building.

Can a human being flip over or move a vehicle? There is one person named Andy Bolton who holds the deadlift world record which was 457.5 kilometers from the floor to thigh. People have the ability to have adrenaline rushes only when they feel in danger or if they feel if someone else is in a dangerous position. For example, a 19-year old woman in Virginia made headlines for super strength when her father’s garage went up in flames and lifted up the truck and moved it to pull out her father. An adrenaline rush is caused by a fear that stimulates the production of the stress hormone control, which increases blood pressure and blood sugar giving you a burst of energy. Can all of these features be possible in 30 years from now? While our generation continues researching and learning and progressing only time will tell.

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