Immigration Policies of the United States

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In recent discussions of the immigration policies of the United States, a controversial issue has been whether the Trump administrations border wall is just or injust. On the one hand, some argue that this border wall or as many know it as “The Wall” is fair, aiding in the hopes of curbing illegal immigration. From this perspective, American priorities are believed to be on the standing law, economic stability of the United States, and the overall safety of the legal citizens of the United States.

On the other hand, however, others argue that the border wall is inhumane, does not support human rights, and is in nature, “racist”. In the words of one of this view's main political proponents, director of the American Friends Service Committee’s U.S. and Mexico border program Pedro Rios states that, "we don’t need his racist walls," Rios continues by calling Donald Trump’s border wall is simply “a waste of our resources”. Another opposer of the border wall is United States Rep. Juan Vargas, a democratic representative of San Diego, whose 51st Congressional District follows along the United States and Mexico border from the ocean to Arizona.

Vargas speaks out on the perils of undocumented people who try to illegally slip across the border to enter the United States saying that (Trump), “he wants to spend $25, $30 billion on a wall that will lead to absolutely nothing but more deaths”. It is very clear through the words of these border wall opposers that those who share the same belief are very passionate and truly do believe that “The Wall” could bring nothing but wasted time, resources, and the continued oppression of minority immigrants.

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