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Spider Man Wrote by Stan Lee

Birti Kaur Gandhi Mrs. Rosen English Honors 10 December 29, 2018 Essay Outline Hero’s Journey P1 = Background Information with Thesis Statement: Spider Man originally wrote by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, and the original movie was released in 1962. Peter Parker get bitten by a genetically altered spider during a field trip and his […]

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Evaluation of Spiderman and Captain America

Everyone likes a good movie with a catching story that captures one’s attention and emotions. Heroism is one of the best movie genres that people watch and this paper captures two of the most fascinating heroic movies on all time; Spiderman and Captain America. The interesting factor in these two movies is how the story, […]

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About Spiderman

Is it really possible to climb or stick to walls? Well obviously we as humans can climb walls but what about a flat smooth 90 degree angled wall? It’s not entirely impossible, mechanical engineer Elliot Hawkes from Stanford University developed a Geko suit that covers the entire body with sticky adhesive substance. It is designed […]

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Spider-Man the Imagination of Stan Lee

This week we lost a legend, an amazing storyteller who taught us a thing or two about thinking outside the box. Stan Lee was the father of the Marvel Comics, he personified a superhero for many burgeoning writers and inspired us to look for greatness within. Even though he created superheroes, he made them flawed […]

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