A Time i Felt Proud of myself

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The day I conquered my fear. Ever since I was young I’ve had a fear, one that caused me to avoid theme parks all together. The first rollercoaster I ever went on was at M&D’s. It was called Space, my mum assured me I would enjoy it if I gave it a chance, but when the ride started excitement didn’t kick in like it did for her. For me it was fear. I always feared the possibility of them stopping when they got to the highest point, the coaster crashing or if my seatbelt didn’t work properly. Yet I agreed to go to Alton Towers with Adam and go on any ride he wanted. I knew if I didn’t want to look like a coward, I’d have to ride at least one roller-coaster. As I stared out of the coach window, I was filled with apprehension. My fear of rollercoasters had worsened over time, especially after hearing the news of “The Smiler” rollercoaster, which is at the very same park we’re going to crashing and leaving people with horrible injuries. I could never look at a coaster without thinking something like that could happen to me. Despite these fears, I’d agreed to go to Alton Towers theme park for Adams birthday. I wanted to conquer my fear. I knew I had to this time, if I didn’t I’d ruin his birthday trip and break the promise I made. As the coach reached the park I began regretting my decision to come in the first place. The screams from those on the rollercoasters tormented me. I was terrified. 

We walked to the booth to collect our tickets to the park and finally entered. I looked around at the various colours to distract myself, it looked beautiful. The ancient castle, the gorgeous buildings and beautifully green trees. I couldn’t wait to see more. Adam suggested we first try the Sky Ride which would let us travel across the park whilst looking down upon the magnificent sites. We entered an orange box, with windows that allowed us to look down. As I took in the view, it almost made me forget I promised to get over one of my biggest fears. Once the skyride had ended, we arrived at one of the parks many themed areas, the Forbidden Valley which is home to 2 of the biggest rollercoasters there. The place was extremely crowded. Eager to avoid the inevitable for as long as possible I suggested a non-rollercoaster ride named “Blade” which was a large pirate ship that swung from side to side. This I could handle with ease. The ride seemed endless, but finally it stopped. I felt fine after it, but I couldn’t say the same for Adam, about two minutes after departing the ride he puked twice. So, we went to the Medical Centre at the park (I wasn’t bothered as it delayed us going on the coaster) and Adam had to pay £2.00 for paracetamol and £1.50 for a bottle of water. I could tell he wasn’t too happy about that. After Adam felt better, we went to a chicken restaurant I had noticed earlier named “Fried chicken & Co” and with our stomachs begging us to eat something, we entered. We both ordered a chicken burger meal and were given the chance to press a red button for a chance to win a free meal, unfortunately neither of us won. I opened the container and hungrily ate the chips and the burger. It was delicious. I decided to finally stop delaying what was sure to happen. 

We began making our way to what I feared most about our trip. The Nemesis rollercoaster, a large ride that left your legs dangling in the air. The anxiety within me grew and grew with every step closer. Just seeing the coaster in person made me shiver in fear. We began climbing the metallic spiral steps which led us to the beginning of the already large queue. With every step I took I hated myself more and more for agreeing to come in the first place. I really didn’t want to die today. I tried focusing on other things, like how I’d feel once I finally conquer my fear and with that thought, I suddenly gained some confidence in myself. “I can do this” I thought. Though when the time finally came, so did the fear. Adam forced me to take the front seats along with him, I hated him at this moment, but I decided it’s now or never, if I don’t take this chance to overcome my hatred and fear of coasters, I doubt I’d ever have the guts to again. So, I removed my shoes so they wouldn’t fall off then strapped myself in and tried to control the terror I was feeling. I felt the ride shake and it began to ascend slowly, it finally reached the top and I glanced over at Adam who had his eyes glued shut. “Oh no” I whispered to myself. At that moment we shot forward at an incredible speed. My terror quickly turned to excitement, as we zoomed through hoops, turned through corners and turned upside down. I promised I’d try and enjoy the coaster as much as I could, but I didn’t even have to try. I loved every bit of it. It was an adrenaline rushing experience which I couldn’t wait to try again. I realized almost instantly that rollercoasters aren’t terrifying at all, they’re fun. 

I had finally conquered one of my fears and enjoyed doing it, I was proud of myself. I truly think Adam was more scared of the ride than me. “Let’s go again.” I said. He looked shocked that I enjoyed the experience. “Absolutely” he replied in agreement for a second round on the nemesis. Finally, with my fear overcome I felt like I could have fun at theme parks and so we did for our next two days there. 

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