Proud to be an American

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Pride in one’s country is one of the basics of patriotism and at times one of the hardest things for a person to have. With the past election we were left with a country divided and mixed feelings about our country as a whole. No matter how you feel about the specific people in office at a given time you can find pride in the long list of accomplishments our country’s previous leaders.

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“Proud to be an American”

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One leader I would like to highlight in particular is President Barack Obama, America’s first african american president. Personally, Obama makes me proud of America because of his strive for equality and how he help our nation over his 8 years. Thanks to Obama, people have came to together and have seen “change we need.” The first accomplishment worth mentioning is improved school nutrition thanks to the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act. I am proud that the president made it possible for millions of kids to have nutritious meals each day. This act helped children have the proper nutrients and energy needed to have a productive school day. The program also promoted children world wide to be more conscious of the foods they eat and strive for a balanced diet. Another life changing accomplishment I am proud of is the Affordable Care Act. The Affordable care act allowed 20 million people to become eligible for medical insurance. Now, more people than ever can go to the doctor when they’re sick OR healthy and prevent disease. The Affordable Care Act also allowed medical coverage options that covered specialists visits for people with preexisting conditions. Finally, I am proud that Obama instituted enforcements for equal pay for women. This movement is of special significance to me because I am a young woman and it makes me hopeful for my future. Before this movement, women would go work and get paid as little as half of what a man got paid. With female employment reaching a record high this injustice could not stand; a qualified woman should be able to be paid the same as a man. I found it extremely unfair that a single woman could work as much as a man in the same job and at the end of the month not be able to pay all of her bills or take proper care of her family. Obama’s brave stance on this issue was inspiring to women of all ages everywhere.

President Barack Obama’s accomplishments are the reason I am proud to be an American . It would take more than this one paper to cover every groundbreaking movement he made during his eight years but I believe I have touched on some of his biggest. I am so thankful for President Barack Obama and others like him. It is those kind of people who allow us to remember why America is great and stay proud of our country even when times get tough.  

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