A Proud Moment of America

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What I feel makes me proud of America is that we are a united, liberated, and desirable nation. We, the Americans, show integration in many ways. We need this, for we all work better through teamwork and unity. America shows liberty through our court systems, our say in the government, and our freedoms. Finally, many citizens in different countries have desired the rights, organization, and freedom that the U. S has given to its citizens. The crucial characteristics of unity, liberty, and desire within other foreigners’ minds have made me proud of America.

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“A Proud Moment of America”

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Unity is an important characteristic that makes me proud of living in America. For example, instead of having a dictator, we have various leaders that decide on laws or changes in the community. If the government didn’t work as a team, it would be insane. In addition, the American armies work in unity. The unity doesn’t only help the troops, yet it serves them in different ways, too. When the troops work as a team, it promotes sacrificial personalities for their peers. Lastly, we, the United States of America, resemble an assembly through the method of electing our leaders. A majority of Americans agree and to see ‘eye to eye’ shows a unit of opinion. The attribute of unity is a major characteristic that makes me proud of America.

Liberty and freedom are also contributing articles to my pride in America. For example, if you commit a crime, instead of going orderly into prison, you go to a jury trial. You get the right to prove yourself innocent. In extension, people have a say in the government. It’s fair that all people above the age of sixteen have a say toward the government because it gives a say to the humans who want to make a difference. Lastly, Americans are given liberty because of their right to countless freedoms. For instance, all humans have the right to freedom of speech or to show your opinion peacefully. If you live in a dictatorship or monarchy, you could get the right of speech taken away. This shows that the characteristics of liberty and freedom play a big role in my pride in America.

Ultimately, I am exceedingly proud of America because of the desirable living conditions. For example, the government makes income for all Americans equal based on their job, not their color nor their gender. In addition, all Americans get the freedom of religion and other beliefs. This indicates that it doesn’t matter what religion, nor beliefs you have. You can choose, and no one can criticize you about your religion or any other traditional beliefs. Lastly, America has an extremely low amount of wars, in which this causes peace and helps the government and people work in harmony. Peace is a trait that we should be grateful for because many other countries don’t have peace and suffer from poverty or homelessness. This shows that America is a desirable nation because of its income rates, freedoms, peace, and so much more.

In conclusion, unity, liberty, and the fact that many foreigners desire living conditions in America are some magnificent attributes that make me proud of where America has come. I appreciate the unity the United States has earned throughout the years. Liberty and freedom show respect to humans and their rights. The desirable living circumstances of America are some vital attributes that make me proud of where America has come. I believe that America should be recognized for all of these attributes in which makes me proud. 

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