The Importance of Taking Risks

Risk-taking is the act of doing something that involves uncertainty and taking chances in order to achieve a goal. “He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life” -Muhammad Ali. Sometimes we view risks in a negative way, but it is necessary to take risks in life to be successful. Risk-taking is essential because it builds knowledge, helps overcome fears, and brings opportunity.

Taking risks helps us grow and teaches valuable life lessons. Failure and mistakes could potentially be followed by risk taking, but that is what builds character and knowledge. After failing to make the 1968 U.S. Olympic figure skating team, Vera Wang made a risky career change and took a leap of faith that landed her a position as an editor at Vogue magazine. Even though she failed at the Olympics, she picked herself back up and took a risk that paid off. The outcome of a risk may not be what we expected but it may lead down an even better path.

Risk-taking can be scary especially if it takes you out of your comfort zone. There are many fears associated with taking risks, such as, being wrong, judgement, and rejection. Some people become tend to stay in their comfort zone instead of just going for what they want because they are afraid of the outcome. For instance, I play the flute, but I am a very shy person. Even though I get nervous, I don’t let my shyness stop me from auditioning for bands or orchestras, because I constantly remind myself of how amazing the outcome could be. We shouldn’t let fear stop us from taking risks because there are so many opportunities that we could be missing.

Lastly, taking risks brings opportunity. If we never take the chance and go for what we want, nothing will happen at all. How can you accomplish anything if you don’t try? Seeing risk as opportunity instead of a road to failure is key. For example, Matthew Morrison, broadway star, took the risk of moving to New York City at only eighteen years old. This risk definitely brought great opportunity for Morrison because he has acquired many successful roles on and off broadway. Although the outcomes of risk-taking can be unexpected, believing in oneself and taking the leap of faith will always lead one to success.

In conclusion, taking risks brings opportunities to learn, helps us overcome fears, and brings wonderful opportunities. Many people have reached success from risk-taking, and we can look to them and their stories for inspiration. Being unsure of taking a risk is normal, but remember that the opportunities are endless. The greatest risk is not taking one at all.   

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