Mexican Culture

There are many races of people in the world we live in today, in my opinion, Mexicans are some of the most interesting people I have encountered. The Mexicans race is full of interesting cultural facts. Everything from the religion to the food they eat. As a Caucasian male, I chose to dive into the culture of the Mexican race because throughout my early years of life I had two best friends who were from Mexico and were brought here when they were very young. Even though I considered myself to be great friends with them, I was too young to have a curiosity for information regarding the background of my two friends. Now that this assignment has come up I feel it is a great opportunity for me to learn about where they come from and how they live.

A family is deemed to be one of the most important parts of the Mexican culture. ‘Parents are treated with a high degree of respect, as is the family in general and there may be the constant struggle, especially for the growing children between individual wants and needs and those wants and needs of the family,’ Zimmermann, Kim Ann. “Mexican Culture: Customs & Traditions.” LiveScience, Purch, 19 July 2017. I remember a few things about these guys I grew up with from Mexico. They weren’t always the greatest students or boys in general when it came to trouble within a school or home life. But I can say they were very well mannered at home around their mother and both were very loyal to people they cared for.

Racial discrimination for Mexicans in America could be considered violent, I have seen first hand how the two brothers I knew were treated by other classmates. When we were in school people would joke around with them and ask questions like “you want to come and pick my tobacco” and other remarks that would make feel slightly uncomfortable by. Mexicans who live in America today probably experience racism more than other races because of the negative outlook certain politicians have given them. “Build the Wall’ is without a doubt one of the worst statements I feel you can say to or about people of a Mexican descent. Questioning whether one is legal or illegal is also something offensive they are bothered with. “A couple of weeks ago, while I was running errands in my neighborhood, a stranger asked me if I was “illegal”. Vasquez, Tina. “I’ve Experienced a New Level of Racism since Donald Trump Went after Latinos | Tina Vasquez.” The Guardian, Guardian News and Media, 9 Sept. 2015.

The men in the family carry on the name and teach the other family members who are male, the responsibilities they are expected to accomplish. The father and or Grandfather are considered “Man of the house”. The women of the family take from the mother or grandmother about what they are supposed to do. At the age of fifteen girls are given a quinceañera, this is where the family and friends come together for a ceremony in which the father announces the becoming of a woman for the daughter.

Throughout the research of this paper, I have concluded that the Mexican race is a lot more intriguing than I had previously expected. I feel as if the parts of culture I once knew before taking part in this essay, are extremely small compared to the readings, articles, and online websites that I found. The Mexican culture has so much to offer to people of all different races!

Although racism exists everywhere, you often hear people say, “I have never experienced racism” or “I have never had a racist thought”. Coming from the southern parts of Virginia I honestly feel as if everyone around has experienced a tidbit of racism at some point in their lifetime. Or have thought a rather uncomfortable thought. The area we live in has such a wide variety of people, races, and backgrounds which is the reason I feel racism exist in the Danville community. It is hard to pretend that racism is nonexistent, no matter how hard we try, some people are filled with hatred for other races.

To battle racism as a single person is impossible, although as one if we all just think and speak with love and peace I feel as if racism will soon become a problem of the past. Before picking up a class about sociology, I can honestly say I never thought about things from a sociological perspective. Now, I see things differently. If humans including myself will start to think about how people of all races feel indifferent, problematic situations and counter the negative responses that may be thought with the love and peace we all wish for, the world as we know it will start to shift into a more positive and loving place.

So, therefore, I will continue to spread positive words and thoughts throughout this journey we call life, to people of all races I may meet. No matter the person, the background, nor the way one was raised, deep down we all wish for one thing. For the world to come together and be one. Like George Edward Moore said, “In the end, there is only one race: the human.”

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