You Can Visit Many Worlds

I have traveled to many different worlds. I have witnessed many things happening. Whenever I started reading books, the stories in the book attracted me. Every time I turn a page, the page-turning sound is very nice to me. Each book has different stories and settings. These can all be treated as a new world so that I can witness the world except the Earth. Books are a good thing. People can learn a lot from books.

The first book that brought me to this wonderful world was ‘three little pigs.’ When I was reading this book, I was very invested. I would think carefully about why this wolf must eat the three piglets. Obviously, that wolf had such a strong power, but it was blocked by the concrete room. This book inspires my curiosity and motivation for exploring difficult problems. Through the process of reading other books and exploring different issues and solving the difficult problems the pleasure and the sense of joy I get, will continue to improve my ability and thinking direction.

My character has also changed because of these books. The characters of the protagonists in those books also deeply influenced me, such as there never giving up, and not giving up in order to dream. Whenever I have problems and want to give up, I will think of their spirit and continue to work hard for the dream in my heart. The central idea of ??each book is different, but it has some truth. People often have some things they do not want to give up but have to give up because of various reasons. Sometimes we must give up something to get something. I learned from the book the truth of life which is to be flexible.

I have used what I learn in real life; once I have an argument with my friends and I am not obstinate to argue with them but to change the topic to avoid our friendship breaks. Being flexible makes life easier because when I facing some difficult problems I won’t keep trying to solve them by myself, I mean I would try but not for one hour and still trying I will ask someone to help me and learn from them how to solve the problem and improve myself.

As a reader I pretty much enjoy reading not just learning, reading can bring people joy. Most book is public to make reader joy, when I reading the books I can learn and be joy at the same time. I get seriously invest when I start reading a book I forget the times when I get invested in the books. The setting and plot and climax really attract me. The author uses all these to attract people’s attention. I would like to find out what the author wants the reader to know what does the author’s message is. This train may close reading and thinking abilities.

With all these abilities I get from books I did well in English class. I am always the first one who understand what the teacher is talking about when others were still thinking. Is not like I am a smart guy, it’s just that I observe carefully and think hard. I always share my thinking with my friends, classmates, and teacher and want them to correct me if I had any misthinking. I absorb the idea to make myself better.

Many people didn’t really like reading there’s reason for it, might be they didn’t find their favorite book or they like sport. Lots of people think reading is a boring activity, but they can’t find the joyful in the book I feel sad for them. Everyone has different habit and different interest I can’t said anything about it however I am glad I can be interest in reading books. Learning and having fun at the same time is the best way of getting success I think I will success.

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