10 Strangest Places to Visit Around the World

Chernobyl, Ukraine

After the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl, the city was completely evacuated from the population and no one has lived there ever since. You can see empty apartments, schools and empty and forgotten gardens for decades. Of course there are now many tourism companies inhabiting these buildings and organizing tours around the city, so be sure to choose a smart tour that enables you to see the city for what it really is. And do not worry, the city is completely safe now, as the amount of radiation in Chernobyl will not cause you any harm. So much so that you can stay in the city for a week without hurting your body.

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“10 Strangest Places to Visit Around the World”

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Kin Shi Huang Tomb, China

You will feel goose bumps and dread once you enter this place it is very large and full of dignity. Pottery warriors (illustrated) are part of this place, which has yet to be fully excavated. It is said that there are more than seven thousand fighters, each one of them is different.

Kauai Monster Café, Tokyo

Although this place does not bear much of the historical significance of Ken Shi’s tomb and strangeness like Chernobyl, visiting the Kauai Monster Cafe will be a unique memory during your visit to Tokyo. This cafe is characterized by its bright and bright colors, in addition to delicious sweets and drinks. Every dish you order comes with unique, colorful (edible) decorations. This makes everything at Kauai Monster Café ‘striking.’

Hobbit village,New Zealand

If you are a Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit movie-lover, You are sure to be a perfect home for the little hobb creatures in nice homes under the green hills.. But just imagine that you can go to the hobbit village by yourself! In fact, you can. houses Hobbitspecially made for Lord of the Rings films are still available. Thus, you can try what the hobbit feels! Unlike Harry Potter tours, you can actually live in these homes.

Dracula’s Palace, Romania

Did you know that Dracula’s Palace was recently put on sale? You could own that palace for $ 80 million. The real name of the palace is the Bran Palace and was built in 1212. The palace derives its name from its owner, Vlad III Dracula or Dracula, the king of piles, who is famous for placing the bodies of his enemies and his people on huge arrows placed around his region.

Pit Bull, Oregon (USA)

Today, rock visit is not unique at all. But in extreme weather conditions, a bull’s pit is filled with water that flows with great force. Although the view is impressive, we recommend that you view it from a safe distance.

Lake Hillier, Western Australia

You may not be a fan of pink, but be sure to visit this lake will be one of the most beautiful memories in your life. This lake was discovered in 1802, and it is clear that the lake waters are pink all days of the year. The reason is the presence of algae-loving salt and pink bacteria known as Halo bacteria. The high concentration of salts in the lake waters makes it a suitable place for these delicate creatures to live. Hence, this pink lake formed in the middle of the island on the coast of the Recirche Archipelago, the

Hand in the heart of the desert, Chile,

although it is not considered as historical as a Ken Shi tomb, or as natural as a Hillier lake or ox pit, this hand implanted in the middle of the Chilean Atacama desert sands from One of the important landmarks in the region. This hand is located 46 miles south of the nearest city, where it was carved by the artist Mario Irarazapal, who carved another hand on the Brava Beach in the city of Puente del Este in Uruguay. Although it is easier to reach the beach hand, watching it in the middle of the desert is a completely different experience.

Red Shore, Panjin, China

This entire sea is covered with what is known as ‘Sweden’ and it is a kind of seaweed that turns bright red in the autumn (such as leaves). Usually, this beach does not receive visitors because it is an important part of a nature reserve dedicated to migratory birds. But a small part of the beach, which is about (30 km from the city of Panjin), is designated for tourists who have to use a long wooden stick to be able to walk along the beach.

Cat Island, Japan

If you are a cat lover, we don’t think there is a spot on the earth that is occupied by cats with such density. The population of the Japanese island of Tashirojima is only about 100 people and about 1000 cats and cat. Initially cats were brought to this island to protect silkworms from mice. However, the rate of reproduction of these cats has become out of control, and therefore the population of cats has exceeded the human population by 10 cats per person. By the way, there are no dogs on this island.

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