Literacy Autobiography

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As a child one of my biggest accomplishments was learning how to read. I was in Pre-K when I was introduced to the fundamentals of reading. I remember constantly singing the alphabet song and going over vowels, which helped developed my reading skills. As I got older not only did my reading skills get stronger but so did my interest in reading.

You would think as a child I would want the latest toys and games but I was the complete opposite. For my birthday or Christmas I asked for books and movies. My collection of books was expanding so much that I had to get my very own bookshelf. When it came to the different genres of books I read almost everything. Fiction, non-fiction, science fiction, mystery, horror, action and adventure etc. If it was a genre, you can best believe I read it. One character I had a special connection with was Finn Garrett from a book titled The Last Invisible Boy. Finn lost his father and believed he was becoming invisible because a piece of him had died.

I was able to connect with this character because I lost my grandmother to lung cancer and I experienced some of the same things he went through. I also felt like a piece of me died when my grandmother passed away, in a way this character and book helped me cope. Furthermore I also developed a strong interest in comic books which was caused by my liking of superhero and action movies. In addition to my book collection my movie collection grew rapid to a point where I had to get dvd racks just to keep them organized. I watched movies more than tv which I still do to this day. I know all the words to multiple movies due to the fact that I've watched them numerous times. Just like with books, I've watched a wide variety of movies including comedy, action, horror, etc. Similarly my reading and movie interests come together and bounce off of each other.

As a result of my passion for reading, almost everyday after school I would walk to the library. Checking out multiple books and movies was a habit of mine. Many times I would read the book right away and come back the next day to check out another book. I also went to Borders and Barnes and Noble as reading outlets. I didn't start going to Barnes and Noble until Borders suddenly closed, however it still became a favorite spot to read. I remember getting my first magazine subscription after discovering Sports Illustrated for Kids. Overtime I was comfortable with reading almost everywhere. Reading was second nature to me, and my love for it only grew stronger.

My very first teacher Ms.Carson was the one who introduced me to reading . It may have just been the basics but it was the foundation of my experience with reading. As I got older and went to elementary and middle school my teachers expressed the importance of reading by assigning weekly reading logs for homework. Even though I hated the homework it didn't stop me from reading. To add, my mom and grandma had positive influences on my interests in reading. When I first began to read my mom would always listen to make sure I was reading fluently and pronouncing words correctly.

My grandmother was the one who took me to get my first library card and would take me to the bookstores. We would stay there for hours browsing through different books and magazines. I could honestly say the times we spent together at the bookstore has helped shaped our bond that is still strong today. Lastly my dad was someone who was a positive influence on my interests in movies. Every Tuesday he would go to the store to buy the newest movies that came out on dvd, hence the reason why I own so many movies. In addition, he would also take me to the movies a lot, which I still enjoy. I would go the movies at least three to four times a month with my girlfriend who loves movies just as much as I do.

Overall I can say reading was one of the things I enjoyed more than anything as a child. Ironically when I got to high school I began to dread reading. Whether it was a passage out of a textbook or a chapter from a book, I didn't want to read it. I had lost interest in something I loved. As of now I want to start reading for leisure again and not just because I have to. Other things began to interest me and I felt as if reading was not necessary anymore.

Teachers in high school didnt care if you read the chapters, they'll still quiz you. Whereas in middle school teachers would make you read in class and constantly remind you. Once I noticed the difference my attitude towards reading changed. However reading has brought me a long way and without it I wouldn't be as successful as I am today. Even though I'm not a huge fan of reading I'm still appreciative for learning how to do so and I hope to start reading for leisure once again.

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