Workplace Violence

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Work place violence is a predictable hazard in the healthcare segment which deals with the harassment, terrorization and other threatening upsetting behavior which occurs at the exertion cite. In the nursing sector it may affect and comprise a number of workers, regulars and visitors. This violence ranges from intimidations and verbal abuse which intimidate the physical assaults of the clients. Due to this some of the recent data has shown out that the healthcare sector is being mostly affected by this violence and the greater percentage is as a result of assaults.  Almost 20% of the assaults has occurred in the nursing and residential care facilities, but it’s unfortunate that most of the probable incidents may go unreported.  Hence as a significant factor of concern this idea has been tremendously hazardous and a serious issue in the nursing as it affects the whole group of those involved.  However, in the most of the peoples view have addressed this idea as a verbal violence which leads to hostility and harassment (McPhaul & Lipscomb, 2004). Therefore, under this trauma most of the physical outcome may be as a result of the assault which may escalate and differ with the people opinions as the violence inducted may be physical.

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“Workplace Violence”

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In hospital and other healthcare settling most of the possible causes of violence may be patients and intruders still who may pose some distraught to most of the family members with their patients by either bullying them. Though most of the risk which are in conjunction with this violence may be minimized like the assault which diminishes the workers precautions. Hence, in this paper tips keen views shall be addressed on the   power that is asserted to the workers which is done by the practice of the zero tolerance campaign and policy which may make the coworkers to come into contact with the patients and visitors.  Also, by assessing most of the frequent sites related to nursing this issues has been unethical as it influences the entire nation. As a nation, the healthcare industry needs to identify and view some of the methods which can be used to reduce the likelihood of most of the occurrences. It is believed that any implemented program which is against violence has some control terms which might reduce some of the incidence of the upcoming workplace violence (Sofield & Salmond, 2003).  It is therefore of vital to ensure that all coworkers employs that policy of cooperation and it’s all functional in any claim that might arise in the violence which is a remedy of the promptly outcome.

Workplace which is against any healthcare might affect workers but the solution which might erupt from it may be largely as a result of clear and ethical under recognition which may pose a problem and poor quality outcome according to people views.  Though most of the research have encountered this challenges in the idea of developing an experimental models which relate to it, there is consistent need which is articulated for further evidence based on the research views. The health care workplace violence in the nursing sector needs some underreported and persistent problem which may be tolerated for its success. But according to the joint commission most of the vital accrediting towards the body of any health organization, needs to be considered by the fact of decreasing the rates of violent crimes which may be an assault to the workers.  Despite all this factors the health sector needs to have a self-motivated who are able to discover significantly any universal idea which is able to reduce the risk of reduction in the nursing field mostly (Smith?Pittman & McCoy, 2009). Most of the recent research have been in a position of directing and taking measures to any unutilized law by attempting to perpetuate most of the victims in different sectors.

Through the data that was previously given it has been shown out that 24 000 of the workplace occurs as a result of assault which occurred between the setting of 2011 to 2015 era. In most of the healthcare sectors, some of the psychological harm and temporary disability to this matter have been analyzed as homicide facts. For instance, in the same duration the number of those who were affected include 6 nurses, 4 security employees and 9 other health workers.  The main cause of all this impact was the poor link of communication which was inadequate between the patient and the nurses. The idea of aggressiveness brought in changes in the assessment of some of the behaviors as most of the hospitals have increased this violent events. Still under the OSHA development most of the outcome may be as a result of wrong conduct in the inspection of any issue which is occupation in the sector (Gillespie & Howard, 2010).

Experts have shown out that workplace violence it’s classified into four basis of the relationship between the workplace and perpetrator. The crucial being the healthcare situation in which the perpetrator has the legitimate relationship with the business and due to this fact becomes the violent when one is being served which may pose in the idea of assault which constitute the violence. For example in U.S.  Most of this views are directed against the healthcare nursing sector workers who are characterized to be verbal in their assault. Although, to some extreme most of the violence requires some attention most of the hospital survey has shown out that 75% of the assaults has been aggravated to customers and the employees. Among the fatal violence that we have come across, the highest percentage is against the adults assaults. However, the inconsistent data in most of the healthcare sectors have their results being disparate. Most of the views have reported out that most of the violence occurs in the healthcare setting which is caused by the interaction of the patients and employees who are the nurses. The facts of violence has been ascertained by the number of the frequent surveys which have been reported as it is mostly seen out that the highest percentage of those victims occurs as a result of insult. Bullying and other forms of abuse have not been reported in the organization that have been made though the issues is deteriorating the sector.

Some of the consistent and experienced professional have shown that the labor statistics has the highest rate of those violence injuries which approximately 620 injuries which has occurred recently. In this view the nurses are the mostly affected compared to the other workers.  Therefore to constitute a positive outcome in the planning of the causes we need to hire some different healthcare occupations who are ready to solve and address the matter with a positive belief. Though most of the planning have shown out that this violence in most of the institution is designed in a way it is able to quantify the problem in a systematic manner (Ann Marie Papa & CEN, C, 2013). A few still have described their views basing on the methods which can be used to prevent such violence which might erupt in future. For instance the most recent critical review of literature which focuses on this matter has shown out that most of the strategies outlined to reduce the workplace violence have not been approved by the organization and therefore needs a mentor for them to give empirical outcome.

In conclusion to the statistics that has been done, it is clear that each of the views given has some weak methods which leads to an inconclusive results. Though some of the experimental designs have shown out that misuse of nurses has increased with confidence and risk factors but the change which have been done are minimal as compared to how patients are perpetuated. Therefore, most of the weakness which is being addressed mostly is based on the quality which does not reduce the flow rate of the workplace violence. But the strength on the same impact is mostly seen in the intervention of some programs which are less effective as the designing has been proved to be standardized and meet the standards of the violence outcome. Therefore, all the employees who work in this psychiatric environment are mostly at a high risk of targeted violence than any other health care workers. Though the setting might be effective in the department sector as the assault have shown an annual incidence of verbal conflict which has some aid in the national rate violence.

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