Influence of Diversity in a Workplace

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 Ethnically diverse companies are 35% more likely to outperform their national industries. Diversity is the art of thinking independently together because life would be dull if everyone were the same. After the many years of identical employment, companies have established a diverse working environment for their employees. Medieval companies consisted of mostly men workers of the wealthy class. Throughout the years, the working communities became more diverse in race, ethnicity, gender, and class. The several aspects of diversity have been adopted by the modern communities and have established variation in the workforce. Diversity can benefit companies, teach employees how to manage multiplicity, and increase variation in the workforce.

        Diverse cultural perspectives can introduce new innovations and inspire creativity among employees. For example, reviewing a colleague's thoughts and beliefs can change one's own point of view on the same topic. Research by Hult International Business School states, A variety of viewpoints along with the wide-ranging personal and professional experience of an international team can offer new perspectives that inspire colleagues to see the workplace and the world differently (Hult Blog 26). This illustrates that with a variety of talent colleagues within the force, employees can initiate unique projects and introduce new innovative products. Using the various perspectives, companies can develop a different outlook on the business industry.

        Additionally, working in a diverse community can create the opportunity for employees to experience personal and professional growth. Workers will be more open-minded, start to value a variety of ideas and learn from colleagues' mistakes. An additional article by Hult International Business School mentions, Working across cultures can be a truly enriching experience, allowing others to learn about perspectives and traditions from around the world (Hult Blog 26). This demonstrates that displaying a miscellaneous workforce can educated employees on global cultures and allow workers to bond over their resemblance and distinctions. Workers will begin to appreciate the differences within the world and avoid prejudices and ethnocentric views.

        Although, a variated working force offers some advantages, working in that environment can be difficult. There are a few ways the industry can handle the variations associated with the workforce. Organizations can secure a managed heterogeneous working environment by promoting the idea of open communication. Opening the idea of communication influences workers to effectively speak with their colleagues and create solutions to problems quickly. In addition to effective communication, employees can practice being open-minded, and allow laborers to welcome new thoughts, beliefs, and cultures to their company. An article published by, A TrueBlue Company states, recognize and encourage employees to recognize that one's own experience, background, and culture, are not the only value to the organization. This explains that if employees value one another's backgrounds and differences, they are more likely to achieve success.

        Another way operators can promote the management of diversity in their workplace is by enforcing employees to work in different groups. When working on projects or traveling for internships, organizations can create groups with cultural and personal diversity. This way, workers are encouraged to involve and cooperate with a variety of individuals and establish an understanding of the different lifestyles and customs. As employees work with a wide range of people, they can transform their experience from the workforce and make it more inspiring and educational.

        For some companies, diversity is common and popular, while for other organizations, it can be challenging to create a diverse workplace. A well-organized hiring event can attract a varied group of candidates and make the process successful. According to the Harvard Business Review, Make the job more compelling to job hunters by emphasizing details that will attract a more diverse candidate pool. In addition to an organized hiring process, the establishment of an equal opportunity employment policy will aware the employees that all candidates are equal and prevent the discrimination of certain cultures, races, and genders. Furthermore, traveling abroad and working with new markets in new locations can increase the diversity within the workforce. This educates people from different regions about the various companies and organizations and encourages them to apply for a position. Opening up new positions will attract a pool of unique candidates with different talents.

To conclude, there are many ways diversity can bring advantages and many methods to manage and increase diversity within the workplace. Enabling diversity in a workforce can inspire new innovations, projects, establish the growth of employees and strengthen the company's reputation. In order to manage diversity in the working environment, workers can establish effective communication systems and encourage the acceptance of various cultures and backgrounds. Lastly, businesses can expand diversity in their workforce by traveling around the world and attracting unique individuals globally. Diversity in a workplace can create a compelling and valuable experience for employees.

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