Why we Need to Support BLM?

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Good morning ladies and gentlemen, what I have to say is very important to me, and I hope after I am done, it will start to become important to you as well. What i will be talking about is Why Black Lives Matter. So in the words of the late and great marvin gaye, lets get it on. I’ve been told to say it loud: I am black and i am proud. Black lives matter, this is a statement and a response to centuries of being mistreated and overlooked. Black likes matter should not be a controversial topic to a country that pledges liberty and justice for all. Many people who disagree with the movement do not care about or understand it. To understand the BLM movement, one must first understand how it started, why it should be supported and its counterpart.

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“Why we Need to Support BLM?”

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BLM is a slogan, a protest movement which emerged after the death of a young african american teen,Trayvon Martin by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman in early 2012 and the police involved killings in the following years. According to an article on the guardian.com In 2015 alone, police shot and killed at least 102 unarmed black people. Only 10 officers were charged with a crime and only 2 were convicted. Of the 2 that were convicted only 1 recieved jail time which was a one year sentence he was allowed to serve exclusively on the weekends. In 2015 unarmed black people were killed at 5 times the rate of unarmed whites by police. Police involved violence towards black people is out of control. Upon researching more into the BLM movement i came across The theory of racial formation which basically means that if the government doesn’t care that black people are being killed at alarming rates without reason, neither should the rest of the country.

Black lives are in danger! Black lives matter should be supported because black people keep getting murdered by a group of people that are supposed to be protecting us and no justice is being served for it. Black lives matter should be supported by all americans because this country was built on black labor and suffering. Black lives matter should be supported because black people continue to exemplify what it means to be human in the face of inhumanity. In the times since slavery and segregation, black people are still being mistreated in the united states. In order for this situation to improve, we as a country must work together. Working together means we acknowledge that there is an issue with equality in the United States.

Many americans are not concerned with the movement because it does not affect them. White privilege gives people a pass on not having to deal with equality because it does not affect them. Many americans refuse to believe that a police officer would ever do something as bad as giving a black person or any person of color for that matter, a hard time even though it has been proven multiple times. As I have seen on social media, many people don’t understand he act of the black community. The hashtag was created to get justice for the brothers and sisters who were taken way too soon.

It is confusing to me how someone can disagree with the statement: Black Lives Matter. The opposite side insists that all lives matter. The all lives matter movement dismisses the inequality going on in the United States. Supporters of ALM do not fully understand the statement BLM. If there are 3 houses and 1 house catches on fire, the fire department will not put water on all 3 houses because all houses matter, they would help the house that needed it. The supporters of ALM read the statement black lives matter and they decided to not agree with it. If they read something like, ‘gay lives matter’ or ‘women’s lives matter’ they would support it to the fullest and they wouldn’t be so pressed. The only difference is one word.

Finally.. Black lives matter, black lives matter is a movement and a call to raise awareness and do something about the mistreatment that Black people face in their own country. Their own country that claims to stand for equality, freedom and justice for all, yet denies it to them? Black lives matter is a necessary protest that needs to be understood to the fullest because all lives can’t matter unless black lives start to matter.

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