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“Most of us don’t remember our first two or three years of life — but our earliest experiences may stick with us for years and continue to influence us well into adulthood.” as we grow older the experiences we had in our childhood influence us as we get older. I have a big family of three brothers and four sisters there for I was raised knowing everything is not about me. My parents are not going to give me their full attention all the time because they have so much to do there for I have learned to be patient and understanding all the time. This creates a social impact because I can be patient with others outside my family circle and I also know how to be understanding with them.

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Influences you had while growing either positive or negative has a big impact on how you are shaped as you grow up. In the novel called the other Wes Moore, a boy named Wes was raised by a single mother, his father wasn’t in his life and his only brother Tony was involved with drugs. As he got older he started to get involved with drugs so he can get fast money. Wes was influenced by his brother to start selling drugs because Wes admired his expensive wardrobe and he wanted to be like him. “Rule number one if someone disrespects you, you send a message so fierce that they won’t have the chance to do it again’(The other Wes Moore pg33). His brother always influenced him to be violent and to always send a message to people who disrespect him in a violent way. It can be inferred that Wes influenced a lot of people to become violent because he was taught that being violent towards people is always the answer to his problem.

Young children copy everything they see, they watch how there parents, siblings and caregivers talk. “Michigan State University Extension reminds you how important it is to think carefully about what you say and do in front of your children, as well be aware of what television and media they observe, to be sure that what they are learning is what you want them to learn!” This article that was published by the Michigan state university tells us that the home children grow up in shapes who they are also observe everything that happens around them as they watch tv, hear you talk etc. This creates a big social impact on society because they use everything they heard and saw in the real world as they grow. Therefore if they were taught that dropping out of school is okay then they will think it’s okay to do so if they were thought killing was okay they will grow up thinking killing is okay because home is where the first classroom and that’s where they learn most of the things they need in the world.

The level of support you get from your family also influences you in a lot of ways. The poem “Mother to Son” by Langston Hughes, is an optimistic, uplifting poem about never giving up.”Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair’ she is telling her son that her journey through life hasn’t been easy nor smooth. She is encouraging him to keep on climbing up, to keep on pushing and not give up. She is telling her son to keep going and reach for what he wants in life. Life is not easy but having someone or people like family and friends encouraging you will benefit you so much. I can infer that the boy is going to support and really positive towards other because he had a lot of support from his mother.

Home and family have a big impact in society because home is your first classroom that’s where you learn a lot of things you will need in life such as manners, the language you use with others etc. Same goes for animals, animals usually learn their habits in their pack and from other animals which shows how home and family is really important to a child and society.

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