I would Give myself a Mood Management, Self Motivation, and People Skills

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'Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” says Benjamin Franklin. Occasionally, we need to grow in order to better ourselves. 

I would give myself a C in mood management. The reason I would give myself a C for mood management is because I don’t have patience for people that aren’t punctual with time. Nobody likes waiting, wondering if the person is forgetting about their plans. Last week, I was annoyed with my boyfriend because we agreed on a set time to go out to eat, but he was an hour late because he forgot. I think it’s important to know that when you’re late, you don’t just waste other people’s time, you steal all their time. In another related incident, I had to set up for a family event and my cousin was late to pick me up. My cousin knew we had to be at the event by 2pm, but she thought it was okay to be late. It’s definitely difficult to stay calm when somebody isn’t punctual with time.

Besides giving myself a C in mood management, I would give myself a B in self motivation. Erratically, people make goals that they don’t accomplish because they don’t push themselves. Last week, I had two papers to write and they were both due on the same day. I pushed myself to finish my papers a few days early because I didn’t want to feel stressed. Achieving your goals without needing anybody to motivate you is a sign of self motivation. In another related occurrence, a couple months ago I started to motivate myself to start my day early. Self motivation is when you are the only one that is motivating yourself to achieve your goals.

In addition to self motivation, I deserve a B in people skills. Commonly, people skills is defined as communicating and team work. Last year, I had a project to work on with my coworker for my boss’s wedding. We were able to get everything done in a timely manner. When you work with others, you brainstorm, create, and share your thoughts. In another related incident, last week I helped my coworker when she was struggling on a task. There was a lot of frustration, but we were able to finish together. People skills are important in a workplace in order for something to succeed.

Continual growth and improvement begins with “I”. I will see everyday as an opportunity to become a better person. I will also improve on controlling my emotions. Ultimately, I know I will never be perfect, but I will always strive to become a better me.

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