Managing People Performance – Case Study

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Job description is a document which outlines the duty or work description of the employee, what actually company want from his/her employee in the term of effort. Job description consist different types of terms and conditions of the company that helps in the process of recruitment and selection, those aspects are:

  • Description of position: job description provides the general information about the role that helps in the process of recruitment & selection. This general information helps in attracting the right person for this job and employer can easily find the right person from those applicants 
  • Function of the position: job description provides the duties of the position that helps the applicants to clear the view about that particular post, what company exactly looking for. In selection, that helps in filter the applicants through screening according to the position duties 

Rather than those aspects job description can also be useful for the company in different ways like: Internal promotion: job description helps in internal recruitment, the person who is working in the company and exactly matches the job description and suits for that position, company can promote that person and this things also give motivation among the existing staff members. Analyzing performance: job description helps in analyzing the performance of the staff through analyzing their work according to the duties and KPI’s. Advertisement; job description helps in advertising the job vacancy in newspaper, company website and social media. Advertisement also helps in promoting the name of the company through various channels of promotion.

Position and Job Descrition

Every organization craft the job description according to the job title. Job description shows the duty, responsibility and other things which is designed for the particular post. Under this section organization is going to design a job description for the checkout supervisor. Checkout supervisor is a person who works for the aim to provide best customer service through their skills and knowledge. This person directly deals with customer, handle the queries of the customer and responsible to manages the customer flow through the checkout. Basic purpose: for this position the basic purpose is manage all the things at checkout point by helping the checkout clerks to provide best customer service for the organization, handle customer queries and ensures the customer satisfaction.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Managing checkout clerks: supervisor have to manage the team of checkout staff, by helping them at checkout point and providing them a training of all about the checkout operations.
  • Maintain checkout points: supervisor duty is to maintain the checkout points by checking all the things is stocked over there or not. Those things are shopping bags, register tapping, billing roles etc.
  • Monitor customer flow: supervisor is responsible for monitoring the customer flow at checkout points because at this stage customer do not want to wait long because they already finishes their shopping and they are ready to pay for their purchased goods, at this point supervisor have provide the same level of satisfaction through their services and manages the customer flow.
  • Control transaction issue: supervisor is responsible to control the transaction issue where the checkout clerk got stuck, it’s the duty of supervisor to help him in solving that error and handle that transaction .
  • Reporting: supervisor have report the status of checkout points to the store manager and all the checkout clerks report to the supervisor.


  • Diploma in business management level 7 or equivalent experience
  • Minimum 1 year of management experience
  • Knowledge of computerized till system.

Recruitment and selection process


Recruitment is all about attracting the right person for the right job. Big organization like food stuff always have a well-crafted infrastructure or plan to go through from their recruitment process. Food stuff always looks to use most cost effective way to attract the right person for the right job for example they advertise job vacancy on their company website and through board in stores, and applicants who are interested in store based job can directly apply through their store. But sometimes they have to use different channels of advertisement for their most specialist job such as baker. They advertise these vacancies on T.V, radio, company website, Google leaflets and in magazines. Foodstuff always follow the infrastructure of their recruitment process first they always try to fill up the available position internally through internal talent plan, if they are not able to find the right person. They took second step that is advertisement on intranet for two weeks.


Selection process refers to choosing the right person from those applicants who applied for job. To choose a right person, they use screening. In the first stage of screening, selectors looks through the curriculum vitae (CV) of the applicants keenly. CV contains the information of job and education history of the applicant. A CV is the use as the main basic thing because CV reflects the image of that applicant. The company also have the software of ‘job type match’ on its career webpage , in which applicant can find the best job for them and also helps the selecting staff in selection process. In screening process they filter applicants stage by stage, first CV screening, second successful candidates called for an interview, third applicants who successfully clear the interview called up from screening attend assessment center and rest of them who are not able to clear receive a letter. Applicants who clear the screening attend assessment center invited for the second interview. After the second interview who successfully completed it receive an offer letter and contract.

Different Recruitment Approaches

There are two types of recruitment process that a company always uses to fill up that vacancy. Those approaches are:

  1. Internal process
  2. External process

Internal process

Internal process is refers to the process where organization try to fill up that vacant position through their existing working members or staff. Food stuff use its internal talent plan because they always prefer first to fill up that position within the organization. Under this plan foodstuff always looks to fill up the vacancy internally. If they find the suitable employee for that vacancy they promote that employee or move the position of that employee at the same level. Foodstuff also uses the intranet. It refers to the computer networking that uses internet protocol to share information through computer within the organization. Through intranet they do advertising internally for two weeks. Advantages of internal process:

  • Cheaper – It is a cheaper process because in this company did not advertise that post on a big level.
  • Saves time recruitment- it is a snappy process by doing internal recruitment company can easily save the time.

Dis-advantages of internal process

  • Limited choice – organization have to select from a limited number of staff.
  • A vacant vacancy- it still leaves a vacancy at that level when organization promote someone for the new role.

External process

External process refers to the process where organization try to fill up the vacancy from outside the organization. Foodstuff advertise the vacancy on its company website and board in stores. For some specialist vacancy they also different channels of advertisement. They advertise on TV, radio, magazines etc. Advantages of external process

  • Wider choice- Organization got a wider people choice for selection.
  • New skills- through external recruitment organization introduce a new thinking and new ideas in it.

Dis-advantages of external process

  • Expensive- it is an expensive process because organization have to use their funds for advertisement.
  • Time consuming- it is a time consuming because in this process organization have to follow the infrastructure of recruitment and process.

Different Types of Selection and Interview

Selection is a process that helps in selecting the right person for the job. There are different types of selection test that is made for the applicants to test their skills those are:

  1. Practical test
  2. Psychological test
  3. Cognitive test

Practical test – these test are very common for test the skills. This test actually helps to check the skills and work ability of the person in the working condition. These test are necessary for some positions for example working in barista, chef position etc. Advantages

  • Makes the work easy for selector to select the right applicant by analyzing their performance through this test.
  • Selectors can easily mark the score of the applicants objectively.


  • The person who actually works nicely cannot able to show their performance while selectors is watching his/her work sharply.
  • Difficult to receive the results at timely manner.

Psychological test- These test are help in determining the candidate’s personality, attitude and motivation. These test are specially designed by psychologist to measure those things. For example personality test. Advantages

  • This kind of test are less time consuming
  • Selector can easily measure the personality type of the person and helps in selecting position whether this personality is suitable for the organization or not (Chand, n.d.).


  • These test are costly as compared to other test because these test are designed by psychologist that may charges organizations higher (Chand, n.d.).
  • These test don’t have a proper scale of marking so sometimes selectors face difficulty to choose the right person (Chand, n.d.).

Cognitive test- Those test are very useful to measure the skills like mathematical, memory and reasoning power of the applicant. These test is necessary for admin roles for example banking position. Advantages

  • Easily measure the skills of the applicant through this test
  • This test have a proper scale of marking so there is no scope for making wrong choice.


  • The result of these test are more time consuming.
  • These kind of test are repeatable so these test can easily cleared by cheating and other source.

Interviews Interviews are basically a kind of test to check the oral skills of the applicant. These kind of test are necessary for some jobs like any position for customer service, vacancy of telecommunicate etc. there are three types of interview, these are:

  1. Panel interview
  2. One to one interview
  3. Group interview

Panel interview: In this interview more than two interviewer are involved. A team of interviewer take the interview of a single applicant. Each interviewer have its own question of different level to measure the skills of candidate. Advantages

  • Makes work easy for organization to select the best candidate.
  • More than one interviewer is involved in it so can help in making right choice.


  • It creates a nervous or negative environment for the candidate.
  • Candidate can become confuse because of rapid rate of questions.

One to one interview- this interview is interviewed by one interviewer, who is manager or HR personnel. These type of interview are mainly based on questions. Advantages

  • Candidate feel more comfortable in this interview as compared to panel.
  • Interviewer can make their decision fast about the applicant.


  • Can only ask limited question of the particular field
  • Require a person who have knowledge in every field of business.

Group interview: in this interview a group of candidate is interviewed at the same time. A couple of topics are given to that group for discussion. Interviewer can easily measure the skills and knowledge of applicant. Advantages

  • Easily save time by interviewing a group of candidate at the same time.
  • In this interview candidates can freely share their ideas and knowledge.


  • Some candidates did not feel confident to share their idea in front of group.
  • Clashes of personality of candidates.


Organization like foodstuff use and follow a particular pattern of selection procedure. This pattern helps the organization to interview the candidate at different level and test their skills and knowledge at different level. When they follow hierarchy of selection process they filters candidate and able to find the best candidate for that post. In this structure they test the candidate two times through interview. First time by screening of assessment center and finally by HR personal or manager. By doing this they do a kind of double check with their candidates. Food stuff did not use any other selection and interview type because they already have a nice structure in selection process where they got assessment center and interview for their candidates to measuring their strength. If they will put some more types of interview in their hierarchy of selection process, it create complexity in it and more time consuming so there is no need to add some different types of interview.


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