What Leadership Means to me

As the world is going through massive globalization efforts, thus transforming vastly there is a considerable need for internationally driven leaders. International leadership means that one is able to work and influence others with a set of many defined and varying qualities. The key skills are often learned at an adolescent age and can provide far-reaching benefits if properly used. International leadership unwraps cultural differences and provides a working and usable framework for people with different cultural backgrounds. The current model struggles to comply with the demands of the world. Still, the key skills: responsibility and responsiveness are not qualities understood by many.

For me, international leadership has many meanings. Being able to put myself in other people’s shoes and value their opinions. I am fair to other people and project myself with complete integrity. Being frank with myself is a key to many things. Leadership has meant learning for me. I believe that before taking a new vision into consideration, the older details have to be completely understood.  Being a leader means that I am unafraid to go forward and take risks for the sake of a positive outcome. Motivation to take necessary risks is always effective but only when older perspectives and key points are taken into consideration. Planning big and projecting into the future has many advantages and also prevents too much workload. Leadership also means responsiveness for me: the ability to listen and respond to another person’s words and principles for a beneficial outcome. It is one of the most critical parts of leading, as it makes both parties understand each other. Often this practice is not used by the most influential leaders, which I believe is caused by narrow-mindedness. Upon looking at many significant people in this world like Angela Merkel, Barack Obama, and Emmanuel Macron, their word is often the same but their concepts of showing them are different. Analyzing concepts and asking the question “Why?” is very important, I believe that being a good leader means being a good analyzer but not limited to it. New concepts and individualistic approach have been defining aspects for me.

Having a multicultural background, understanding the world in an international way is more effortless. I find it is more straightforward to understand politics and people when I think more of who I am and where I come from. Having parents with roots in several countries. And growing up in a different country than them has given me an opportunity to evaluate and observe the reasoning behind many questions. Being influenced by people of different cultural backgrounds my whole life has been defining for me.

Often, I hear that not all opinions matter, but I think that opinions are one of the most valuable sources of information. People tend to reveal their true values upon voicing a variety of different opinions. A good leader always takes all opinions into consideration and does not conclude based solely on one opinion. Leaders who are strongly and narrowly opinionated are one of the most dangerous and violating matters this world is facing today.

I believe that the key for me to become a good leader lies in the understanding of the concept of change. By perceiving the changes this world is going through every day, I try to analyze how decisions have been made and whether they could’ve been made better.

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