What Justice Means to me

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What Justice Means to Me Justice can mean something different to many people, but justice to me is doing my part to make sure that everyone is treated equally. In addition, justice is making sure that the right punishment is brought forth to the correct crime, and with any luck when a major crime is committed, then that the offender does not acquire liberty on a technicality. In today’s society people are afraid of the criminal justice system. Depending on the situation and how the news broadcast the crime and punishment, people wonder does the system work. According to the Merriam Webster to have justice everyone should be treated equal and fair. Justice is not racist.

Race, gender, income bracket, and religion should not matter. Everyone under the law has the same rights; as a result that everyone abides by the laws that are set. People working in a criminal justice field are the most important people; they need to keep in mind to follow all the rules and regulations of justice. The law is their Bible per say. Preserving justice is very important and will help others to see that justice if followed to the letter and will continue to be a huge part of society. In America the legal system is a major partner of justice. The courtroom, the lawyers, judges, bailiffs, anyone working in the court building are all part of the justice system. Although the judges are the highest ranking officer of the courts, they alone do not decide on the decision on their own, they incorporate the jurors. The federal level also is part of the justice system.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations or the (FBI) also provides justice to the commercial market against corruption. They also help the regular people against terrorism. When I work for the criminal justice system, I will make sure to hold people accountable. Keeping everyone truthful and biased free, making sure no one person’s rights are violated when he (she) are arrested, and keeping in mind that everyone is innocent until proven otherwise. Without justice innocent people would probably be locked up and key thrown away. That is why justice and due process is very important. In conjunction justice and due process will help those without means (poor people) to get help keeping them from self incrimination. All people poor, rich, black or white have the right to have a jury try their case. The right to life, liberty, and the right to pursue happiness is also a big part of justice.

Not one person has the right to take away a person life, liberty, and to take anyone’s happiness away for any reason. Although, when a crime is committed the justice system has options to send the offender to jail or to have a jury view the case. Here justice comes in and due process takes over. It is very important that every person who goes into the criminal justice field get acquainted with the justice term and the laws that protect every person. They should also take an ethics class, to make sure that they do not discriminate against anyone. In addition, professionals need to continue to preserve Justice for all people, equality for all under the law does not matter whether he (she) are rich, poor, black or white, does not matter what religion he (she) practice. Justice is an in general equal rights process to both the criminal and the non-criminal.

The laws are there to protect both parties, and to allow the due process to work. The unfortunate part is that because the laws are put into place, sometimes the wording in the laws helps the criminals get away from serving any type of justice that should have been brought against them. In conclusion justice is the quality of work a professional does when working in the field being just and fair. Justice is the judgment involved in the determination of rights and the assignment of rewards and punishment one will get. In the court system the judge is a public official authorized to decide questions brought before a court of justice (net bible, 1913). In addition, in the Department of Justice(the free dictionary,1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003), the Unites States Federal department is responsible for enforcing federal laws including the responsibility for enforcing the civil rights legislation that was created in 1870. References Net Bible. (1913). word study. Retrieved from https://net. bible. org/lexicon. php? word=justice The free dictionary. (1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003). Justice. Retrieved from https://dictionary. thefreedictionary. com/justice

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