It is usually a saying that people might never understand, but the truth is that no life could be there on earth without the presence of water. Water occupies the most substantial part of the surface of the earth and plays a vital role in the survival of human beings. Taking care of both natural and artificial reservoirs of water is very crucial. They include dams, lakes, rivers, oceans, and even seas. Regardless of whether the water present somewhere is salty or not it should be well taken care of. It is because some of the animals can survive only in salty water especially in oceans and the animals used for human consumption and the beauty of the landscape.

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“Water is Life”

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Questions for the Research

Being one of the most limiting factors in some regions of the planet, water sources are well taken care of. This article deals with oceans and their interactions with human beings in their day to day activities and how contamination is a critical thing in the present times. There are several research questions needed for people to ask for the progression of the article on ocean contamination. These questions include; Contaminants of ocean pollution, Understanding the causes of pollution, technological measures on prevention of ocean pollution, and actions to be taken on those who contaminate ocean water (Parsons, 2005).

All of the above questions are in for research in this article and more about the questions and findings discussed. Currently, ocean pollution brings down the economy, destroys the beauty as the sites that an ocean puts the visitors in are always spectacular, and destruction of animal life yet ocean animals are very vital to human beings. Ocean contamination is what builds up to be ocean pollution (Parsons, 2005).

Topic of Research

The topic of research is ocean contamination hence pollution, but before then the contaminants and about them is discussed first for a clear understanding. The only people who help in research are the people surrounded by ocean life. It is because they are the ones who understand better what contaminants are in the ocean, how they get there and how such acts hinder their day to day activities. The other group of people with relevant information on ocean contamination are the officers in charge of marine life as the ocean is their daily office (Jakubiak, 2011).

Ethical Issues

There are the ethical measures recommended during the research. One of the things to understand is that the access and use of marine genetic resources for research is allowed but then in an organized manner. Here, there are sharp recommendations, on priorities for actions, research, and development on a large range of sensitive issues concerning the area of study. Ethics are essential in the maintenance of biological diversity for the sharing of the benefits arising due to the utilization of marine genetic resources for research (An Overview of Ocean Pollution 2016).

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