The Causes of Water Pollution

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The percentage of 2.3 shows the amount of water in which is viewed as safe to consume. There are many ways water gets polluted, people pollute water by decomposing hazardous substances Like chemicals, trash, oil, and its decaying the water supplies. There are different types of pollution and for example surface water pollution and groundwater pollution. Safe drinkable water is depended on about 40 percent of americans. There are many issues in which water pollution creates and people have to know the causes water pollution to attempt to find resolve the problems. (Water Pollution)

There are many imitators that cause water pollution to occur and come in many different ways. Water pollution is triggered by pollution that is mostly and highly created by humans. Industry buildings, plantations, and populated areas like towns and cities are polluting the waters around the world. Big factories let off heat into the atmosphere and believe it or not climate change affects the water but reducing the amount of oxygen in the water leaving marine animals and plants to die.

Greater amount of humans are being killed due to hazardous water compared to to casualties in war like disasters. The pollution of water is damaging our environment and ecosystems in a way that it becomes harmful for people and animals who rely on safe water. Water pollution is affecting people by ruining and contaminating the water we drink with trash and other dangerous liquids like oil, fertilizers, This is killing people and destroying humans health not only people but also animals like marine animals and the animals in which drink or use water.

Water pollution can be irreversible but that doesn't mean people can't stop it from continuing occur. There are some big solutions in which can help reduce the pollution of water. Huge amounts of pollutants come from sea transportations or haul ships in which can have oil spills and could drop some cargo or items along the way making sure that items being transported are super secure and being careful to not have oil spills. In addition to this, huge factories who are mostly point source pollutants could help by getting rid of harmful chemicals and substances carefully to avoid polluting water and helping improve the oceans, lakes, and rivers. In fact, 300 to 400 metric tons of debris are dumped into bodies of water, Unfortunately, this is only coming from big industrial developments.. If many causiants of the pollution could decrease or stop polluting it would massively help the environment and help the water quality.

There are many things in which aren't easy for people to control because they don't control some industrial building or other huge main source pollutants and they can't completely stop them. That doesn't mean they don't have control over water pollution because it's people who have control over the increase or decrease of water pollution. Therefore, people can contribute and help decrease water pollution by acting immediately. Avoiding to dispose non-biodegradable trash anywhere in a body of water or around water can help the marine life like the animals and plants who get harmed by waste and unsafe water.

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