A Problem of Water Pollution in Malaysia

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What types of sources lead to water pollution in Malaysia?

Malaysia is in a new industrializing phase, and part of this revolution includes a rapid growth of population. With this, there is more water demand, and increased sources of pollutants that likely will trigger aquatic ecosystems. Because of the rapid urban sprawl Malaysia is encountering, the water quality of Malaysia’s streams and rivers are in danger. As the WHO states, “According to Malaysian Environmental Quality Report 2010, the Department of Environment has recorded 20,348 water pollution point sources in 2010 comprising mainly sewage treatment plants (49.27%), manufacturing industries (44.57%), animal farms (3.70%) and agro-based industries (2.46%),” we can conclude that there are more point sources of water pollution as opposed to non-point. Malaysian governments and officials are having an especially hard time trying to locate nonpoint sources, as many middle and low class Malaysians are farmers as a way of income and survival. With ½ of the population’s occupation as farmers, Malaysia has to put more effort into reducing nonpoint sources.

What are some of the major water problems associated with bodies of water in Malaysia?

Polluted water comprises of released modern effluents, sewage, and water. The utilization of this sort of water is a typical practice in farming. “The estimate indicates that more than 50 countries in the world with an area of 20 million hectares are treated with contaminated or partially contaminated water (Ashraf, Maah, Yusoff, & Mehmood, 2010). In developing countries of the world, more than 80 percent of contaminated water has been used for irrigation with only seventy-eight percent of food and safety in urban and semi-urban industrial areas (Mara and Cairncross, 1989),” states Research Gate. Debased water has the two favorable circumstances and weaknesses. The employments of debased water for the impacts of water contamination are various. A few impacts of water contamination are perceived promptly, while others don't show up for a considerable length of time or years.. The human heart and kidneys might be unfavorably influenced when people drink water from Malaysia’s polluted bodies of water.

Other medical issues related with polluted water are poor blood flow, skin sores, retching and harm to the sensory system. The impacts of water contamination are the main source of death for Malaysians. Great wellbeing is something everybody needs, for them, their youngsters and for the more extensive financial and social advantages it conveys to society. It assumes a huge job in the long haul monetary development and reasonable advancement. Malaysian culture has turned out to be progressively urbanized and increasingly included. By supporting contemporary ways of life, air, water, and soil contamination have expanded; Persistent compound toxins have step by step turned out to be summed up and worldwide environmental change presents new dangers to natural wellbeing. These variables are adding to transmittable infections, non communicable illnesses, physiological and neurological disorders.

What are some measures of prevention and reduction Malaysia has implemented to decrease water pollution?

The WHO states that 1 out of every 10 rivers is badly polluted, which totals up to about 473 rivers in Malaysia which have decreasing water quality standards. In response to this, the legislative approach taken in Malaysia was with the 1974 Environmental Quality Act, which states that a report on various “prescribed” activities must be shown to see how the water has been affected by these activities. Among the endorsed exercises or then again extends that can cause water contamination incorporate airplane terminal, lodging, industry, mining, oil, control age, resort and recreational advancement, and waste treatment and transfer offices. For other activities, assessment would likewise be completed in order to evaluate the limit of the territory to get extra contamination stack and the necessity for squander transfer. The Environmental Quality (Sewage and Industrial Effluents)

Regulations 1979 additionally require that composed consent be acquired before the development of any building or completing any work that may result in another wellspring of profluent or release. Also, there have been controls for different industries that have been put into action to reduce water pollution. For example, agro-based industries were “forced to install effective wastewater treatment systems instead of paying the prohibitive effluent-related or pollution fees imposed under the licensing requirements that came into force since 1977. The organic pollutant load dumped into rivers has been greatly reduced by more than 90 percent of the total load generated.”

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