Problems of Pollution: Water Pollution

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Our names are Heroes of the Sea. We chose that name because our group wants to educate individuals about how the ocean is being polluted. We thought of our favorite superheroes and of course, they are not real but we looked at the impact they made when it came to saving lives. Although we are not flying mutants with superpowers, we still feel like we have a mission, and that mission was to save as many people as possible by fighting against pollution. We did not want to have an acronym like everyone else or come up with a standard boring name so we came up with Heroes of the Sea. We wanted something that would attract people and something that carried a meaning behind it. We made our name easy to remember just in case someone tries to contact us or need us to help with something because we do not want to miss out on anything important because someone forgot our name.

Our logo depicts what could be a beautiful island dying because of pollution. In the middle, we have a water droplet wearing a cape and mask around his eyes to symbolize the group being all heroes. Since we are dealing with water pollution, the ocean is black because we wanted to exaggerate what pollution is doing to our oceans. Although mostly everything is dying, we wanted to keep a small amount of the island healthy because we wanted to show a community rapidly dying. Also, we wanted the logo to show to people that pollution is taking over our Earth and we need to do something about it. We chose to design an ugly logo on purpose because we wanted to represent how ugly our world looks. Our message to the community is to inform everyone how bad pollution makes our Earth look because some hear about pollution but might not know how much damage it can lead to.

Our group is concerned about water pollution. My group and I are concerned because water pollution not only affects our oceans but it can also affect our environment. It can have significant damage to our environment because beaches are now finding dead dolphins, whales, crabs, etc. because of so many pollutants in the ocean have now killed a percentage of valuable food. According to Effects of Water Pollution, many water bodies near urban areas (cities and towns) are highly polluted. This is the result of both garbage dumped by individuals and dangerous chemicals legally or illegally dumped by manufacturing industries, health centers, schools, and marketplaces. In addition, humans might not be killing marine life directly but slowly by polluting their homes and food like other fishes.
Humans do not know but we are slowly killing ourselves. We are the reason why so many people are diagnosed with cancer, Jaundice, Malaria, and so many more. The chemicals that are thrown into the ocean are sometimes not filtered properly and we are the ones who consume it that carry pesticides in it. In addition, from a The World Counts article, currently, 3,429,553,980 people and counting are currently without access to water most being dragged into the problem because of pollution(The World Counts 1). Pollutants are now affecting our environment and still, people have not done anything about it. That is why the Heroes of the Sea was organized to help envision people's life without pollution and how much difference we can make. Every day that number will keep rising unless we do something about it to help support people who do not have access to water.

Water pollution is slowly taking a toll on not only our environment but humans. For years piled on years, humans have been purposefully been dumping toxic waste into our oceans. Or we would often time let the toxic chemicals flow directly to streams and nearby rivers harming humans who go near it or fishes who will get caught up in the stream. If humans are exposed to these toxic chemicals for long periods of time, then this can result in dangerous health problems, which include hormonal issues, reproductive issues, and damage to our nervous systems and kidneys(Andrew Dilevics 1). Now the problem of pollution has grown and yet no one is concerned about it. Water pollution is a growing issue that is now attacking our slowly

Plastic pollution is important because it is a big issue for us and animals. By swimming in places in the ocean can risk to diseases or illnesses. Although it is rare some bacteria exposure is deadly. According to Health Threats from Polluted Coastal Waters, there's an 86% higher risk of developing any symptoms of illness. This is a problem that we are trying to address everyone. There are problems in the ocean such as chemical spills, plastic, fishnets, etc. This pollution is harming us in many ways because it is killing us slowly by all these chemicals and plastic in the ocean.

We all eat fish or anything that is seafood. We ingest whatever they ate before we ate them. Many of these fish or any sort of seafood have eaten plastic or medication in the ocean. By doing so, it can affect and cause us to side effects from whatever they ate. For example, if the animals have eaten birth control then their symptoms can affect the fish from reproducing and can affect men and women. By men having his breasts possibly getting larger, his testicles might shrink, and his sex drive and amount of facial hair might decrease. And if women digest it and plan on getting pregnant then it would be harder to and can result in acne and excessive hair growth. This is an issue that must be addressed because it is affecting us internally and can cause us to get very sick.

Our solution to protecting our environment is to get the community involved. If we can host public events and get the community involved, we can spread the word about the dangers of pollution. The more we get the word out more people will get concerned and try to help without our assistance. We cannot always rely on the community so the Heroes of the Sea will try our hardest to get in contact with organizations to help us solve the issue we are currently struggling with. Our website is also a big tool to help us out so people can be informed about the danger that pollution is doing to our environment. We will have more information about our goal that we are trying to accomplish. We cannot fight this alone so if we come together we will be able to protect our environment.

We are also thinking to talk about other organizations to reduce plastic with a carton. For example, there is any more plastic bags in grocery stores but paper and we can do that to anything that is plastic but with a carton. It is easier to be recycled and reused. It is a step towards reducing plastic in the sea. One of our other ideas that we came up with is also to encourage adults to go to their nearest disposable bin that accepts unused medicine because the typical person with unused medication would flush it away and it could make its way to our oceans, eaten by the fishes, and if we eat those fishes then the drugs would be recycled back to us. Before we start to convince adults to start using disposable bins, we need to make sure every community has plenty so no one will be left to throw them away. Cities like CVS and Walgreens. Also by giving fire departments unused medicine that we don't use anymore so we dump it in the toilet or someplace else. The fire departments will use them by helping others, etc.

We plan to spread the word about pollution to communities through social media and pass out pamphlets explaining the effects it has on the ocean and land. We plan to reach out to other organizations to help us with our cause. In order to get people to do something about pollution, we will have to show them statistics and pictures of what our land-ocean is becoming due to pollution. We have to convince them that is a very serious problem. Only then will people take action. As a community, we can also use disposal bins, for unused medicine, recycle at home and schools, be creative with trash, throw trash away in proper containers, and purchase reusable water bottles and coffee mugs.

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