Sea Life Will be Nonexistent

The percentage of plastic used has increased due to the number of products that are packaged in plastic as well as how much plastic is being wasted instead of recycled by humans. There is already a large quantity of plastic on the planet and this is the reason why the world has three plastic islands. This is due to the high amount of ocean pollution and the consumption of toxins by animals. The issue is also presented in third world countries where, in order to survive, they must search for food sources in the trash. As well as how a large number of living things are dying and along the environment due to so much plastic pollution in the ocean and on land. There is a high possibility in today’s society that humans are consuming plastic indirectly.

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“Sea Life Will be Nonexistent”

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Which is potentially damaging the internal organs, but besides that damaging the planet that is called home. Microplastics are very difficult to break down, which can make it easier for an animal to find. In today’s society, there is evidence of how plastic materials can affect sea life as well as small animals on land. To begin with, a lot of sea animals find pieces of plastic floating around and which they believe it is a source of food. Most of these plastic get washed up from beaches, rivers, as well as forms of water transportation. Today, there are many ‘Garbage Islands’ located in the middle of the ocean where all trash accumulates (Cressey, 2016). An example of such an island is The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which has recently been stated to be three times the size of France. All of the pollution that ends up in the ocean, which then later can cause the death of the sea life as well as contaminating and potentially killing the coral. There have been predictions that in the near future there will be more plastic found in the ocean than fish (Christopher, 2018).

Humans throw away more plastic than they recycle, which is also a huge amount of money wasted (McArthur, 2017). All that trash that we throw away gets thrown into the oceans and put into trash islands. Which just makes it worse for the future of the planet Earth, soon enough the ocean will be filled with trash. Also, as aforementioned, sea life will be nonexistent at the rate humans are producing trash to throw away. Since plastic does not decompose well as aforementioned, it can affect the soil nutrients as well as agriculture later on. Since the soil will not be rich enough to sustain any sort of plant. Which ties down to how it affects the food sources. One major outbreak of plastic contamination in food was in China (Wright el la, 2017). The most popular fish in China has been found being contaminated with microplastics. This is due to a whole of pollution and plastic being found by the ocean. The aforementioned example demonstrates how dangerous the pollution found in the ocean can be. There needs to be some sort of protection that can protect the oceans and sea life.

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