United States against Immigration

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Immigration is a hotbed of discussion in the United States of America. While some individuals feel the need for harsh laws against immigration, most personnel are empathetic about the entire situation. The latter stance emanates from the fact that most Americans are immigrants or are born of one or both parents being from a different country. The most impacted by the ever-growing migration into the state are the natives, guided by their misinformed ideas about the temporary or permanent visitors. The guest seems to accomplish more in both the public and the public sphere of the economy, both formal and informal. As a result, clear information about the value of the immigrants to the country could alter perspectives about their stay and involvement in making the economy better. For that matter, despite negative stereotypes about immigrants, their augmentation into the American soil has accelerated economic growth in the formal and informal sectors. Immigration is an ever-rising instance in America. According to Pew research trends, the doubled to 40 million from 20 million between 1990 and 2010 (1).

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“United States against Immigration”

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The increase in number is due to available opportunities that support people from other counties. Besides, the ease in the entrance into the country is because the United States is founded under immigrants from all over the world such as Europe, Africa, and the Asian continent, majorly. Therefore, a mixed population of the Americans is immigrants, with the Latino population covering the 14% of the Surname 2 immigrants (Bedard para 2). The trend explains the Trump policy that supports building a wall and Mexico paying for it. Historically, the pattern was the same as 15 percent of the nation’s population was foreign-born (Pew Research Center). Consequently, the uprising of America’s economy, policies, and constitutions have found its way into accommodating every individual and considering them as equal. However, the continuously increasing number of foreigners into the country leads to concerns among the Native Americans who are threatened by the reducing number of their population in addition to rampant interracial marriages. However, stereotypes about immigrants posit people as dangerous to the country.

Immigrants encompass the highest rate of unskilled labor. According to an article by Ian Goldin on “Immigration is Vital to Boost Economic Growth,” America has always relied on immigrants for cheap labor (para 1). Mexicans have been the highest victims due to their lack of education and a dire need for generating income to help their families. In the early eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the whites relied on the skills of the African Americans. Eric Forner, an author of Give Me Liberty, enlisted the inability of the southerners to let go of the African slaves because of their affordable services in their large cotton plantations (153). Consequently, the thriving of the American economy has always been in the hands of immigrants whom the dominant population misused. Goldin still records a current use of Mexicans in the agricultural firms seasonally depending on labor demand. Even more, there are existing programs that continue to propel the industry of unskilled workers. Although some argue that the immigrants compete with the Native Americans for jobs, the notion is untrue since there are more uneducated immigrants than the indigenous population. Therefore, there is little to Surname 3 no competition in the job market with regards to cheap personnel.

Thus, foreign people play a role in facilitation the local economy through high performance and consumption rate. The U.S current economic growth has a strong aligning to an entrepreneurial spirit of the immigrants. According to Pew Research Center most recent developments, the ever-growing economy of the country since 2011 is a result of migration. The migrants, who get a chance for education, attain high scores that set them up for top paying jobs or guide them into entrepreneurship. Goldin found out that “more than half of US “unicorns” (start-ups valued at more than $1bn) were founded by immigrants, as were 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies” (para 3). Portraying that, without the visitors’ intrusion U.S economy would not boom as it is. A logical explanation entails the experience of hardship among the immigrants that push them into being aggressive. The harsh condition exposed to the groups also contributes to their efforts to become highly economic driven individuals. By creating new products, producing new creations and innovation, the immigrant’s entrepreneurial spirit continues growing. Griswold also pointed out the success of the minority groups in the STEM world by more than half of the technical gurus (4).

Without a doubt, the sustainability of the United States lies in the hands of the immigrants without which the country will lose its grip in the world economy. Two central myths about foreign occupants are that they are terrorist and cause a financial burden to taxpayers. Daniel Griswold wrote a publication on “The Benefits of Immigration: Addressing Key Myths “that blatantly highlighted and at the same time, disregarded the myths. First, he mentioned a 2015 major study about the role of the immigrant in tourist attacks that confirmed an indirect relationship between crime and immigration (4). Even further, the report showed that regions with a high population of immigrants had less criminal Surname 4 activities. Griswold only highlighted a single instance of foreign-based attack of 2011, September 11, who encompassed a visiting foreigner (4). Similarly, ideologies about the dependency of the immigrants towards the government were found to be untrue. By being from a different country, the white people assume that the individuals idle around expecting food supply and other assistance from the federal state. Griswold killed the notion by providing evidence about the contribution of the immigrants to economic growth through working as cheap laborers and being involved in highly skilled jobs (4).

The immigrants happen to pay more taxes to the government than the in-born personnel. Consider that “an immigrant with an advanced degree will pay a surplus of almost $1 million” (Griswold 4). By all means, immigrants are not a liability to the United States; instead, they act as economic stimulators. Conclusively, temporary and permanent foreigners benefit the country for good. The exotic personnel work for cheap money in the informal sector in huge numbers facilitating profit generation in the industries. Consider their input in the farming sectors during the harvesting season, enabling mass production of commercial foods. Similarly, people thrive in the technical field as well as in creativity and innovation. The Latinos or Americans in STEM fields or business have succeeded tremendously compared to the Native Americas. In that way, they have boosted the economy to higher heights. Instead of seeing immigrants as social and economic threats, the Americans can benefit from a positive outlook of the people for their factual contribution into an economically booming state. Indeed, the indigenous groups must dismantle demeaning thoughts about the immigrants and see them for what they indeed are. Besides, for two centuries or more, the U.S has been built on immigrants.

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