How Immigration is Ruining America

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How Immigration is Ruining America! Between 12 and 20 million illegal immigrants live in the United States. The exact number is unknown. Illegal immigration is a very controversial and divisive topic, not only in the United States, but also throughout the whole entire world. An illegal immigrant is defined as an individual who is residing in a country illegally. Many people come to the United States due to political, and economical reasons. I think illegal immigration is ruining America for several reasons. Not only are they taking all the jobs in place of Americans, but also they are working for a drastically low pay rate. In my opinion, illegal immigrants should just leave America, and go back to wherever they came from. Most employers follow laws and guidelines to not hire illegal immigrants. Unfortunately, there are still employers that will hire illegal immigrants, just because they will work for horrible pay. However, there are only a few positive aspects to illegal immigration. Usually, the jobs that illegal immigrants occupy are jobs that most Americans refuse to do. Jobs that illegal immigrants usually obtain are, landscaping, restaurant waiter/waitresses, plumbing, trash men, and house cleaning. Basically any job that don’t require hardly any English at all. Surprisingly, not all immigrants are illegal. Immigrants that migrate to the United States come for the same reason that illegal immigrants come to America. Immigrants can cause just as much of a hassle as illegal immigrants. They still take jobs from Americans for low pay, causing Americans to be forced into poverty. Welfare taxes increase, due to the immigrant population. Not only that, but immigrants get government money, and tax payers money to pay for their expenses. For example; homes, cars, clothes , and food. This just isn’t right. Not only do they take American’s jobs, but also the Americans that get fired, have to pay for immigrants to live here. In conclusion, immigration is ruining America, not only legal immigrants, but also illegal immigrants. Americans not only get fired for immigrants to work for less pay, but they also have to pay their living expenses. There are even some employers that will hire illegal immigrants just to pay them crappy money for a job that would usually pay an American to do for a much greater price. There is no doubt about it, immigration is ruining America, and it desperately needs to be dealt with.

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“How Immigration is Ruining America”

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