Uniforms and Dress Codes

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“Oh my gosh did you see what kelly had on today? That just looks awful! I cannot believe her mom let her walk out the house dressed like that.” In this moment one individual is targeted due to what they are wearing. In the world today it's all about how in style you are around your peers, situations like these are most common in schools today. So should all schools enforce a uniform policy? I think yes! Others might be against this idea but it will solve a lot of bullying and judgement.

Uniforms create a feeling of oneness and belonging. Everyone can be on the same team. As on athletic teams, uniforms are worn for immediate identification and to inspire a feeling of 'oneness.' Put on your team uniform and you suddenly belong. A sense of loyalty emerges from inside, as does an extra effort to perform at the student's best. Uniforms add measures of safety in identical dress. Gang identification is obscured. Group violence and theft are dissipated... Children are no longer identified by their colors. Uniform dress alleviated the feelings of imminent danger for students who were afraid they might inadvertently dress in gang colors. Uniforms also raise students' expectations of themselves. When dressed neatly and seriously, students tend to behave seriously. Often teachers find calmer, more polite, more attentive students. Students seem to feel more confident in the way they look, and so they have more confidence in themselves. Requiring uniforms enhances school security by permitting identification of non-students who try to enter the campus.

On the other hand many people are against this idea of uniforms in schools. Allowing students to choose their clothing is an empowering message from the schools that a student is a maturing person who is entitled to the most basic self-determination. In a freer learning environment, students begin with a sense of self-worth rather than as identical captives without options. Giving kids a choice to express themselves not only acknowledges their individuality but creates the possibility for a relationship of mutual respect. So long as this parade of choices does not interrupt the school day, schools should be interested in nurturing, rather than standardizing, student expression. Schools spend so much time trying to keep their students under control that they end up squashing the sparks that some of those kids were born with. Uniforms jeopardize the ability of America's youth to express themselves, to become the people that they want to be.

In my conclusion enforcing a uniform policy will be best all around they teach students to dress according to guidelines. Some believe that uniforms do not prepare students for the real world in which people wear whatever they want. However, most workplaces have uniforms or dress codes.

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