Dress Code, Good or Bad

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Dress code, good or bad, is a uniform better? Dress code is the requirement of what parts of your body can and can not be showing in school. Some people believe that it restricts how a student can express their individuality. Some say that it’s impossible to get dress coded in uniform, it’s definitely not impossible to get dress coded in uniform, just harder. Dress code has some over all sections that are just not acceptable.

When in dress code, your shorts and or skirts are longer than your arms, that follow the “fingertip rule”. For both boys and girls, have to wear shorts or skirts down to their knees, and above their hips, meaning no sagging. Girls cant have parts of their bras showing, and neither can have their midriff showing. Girls like to wear leggings, it’s a fact, but the leggings have to be covered by a dress or a long shirt. Jeans are acceptable unless they have ripps above the knee. Undergarments can’t be showing, and for shoes, you can’t wear heels because its a safety hazard during fire alarms.

When it comes to expressing your individuality, I disagree with the fact that a student can’t express themselves with a dress code, a student can express their individuality without showing their midriff to everyone, or letting other students your underwear. While I agree with North Atlanta High School’s online petition saying “reprimanding females for dress code gives the notion that they are responsible for prioritizing boys’ focus in school.” some females take it to far. From wearing crop tops with barley passing dress code skirts with 9’’ heels. Some girls are just wearing what is comfortable, but it just happens to be a tank top, but girls get dress coded when they are just trying not to overheat. When boys sag their pants they are showing their gym shorts underneath, or their underwear, but they are not showing who they are completely as a person by following trends.

It’s a lot harder to get dress coded in a uniform, than just a normal dress code. The only ways you could possibly get dress coded in a uniform is if a skirt or shorts are too short, or if too many buttons are unbuttoned on a shirt. When there is only a dress code, there are very many ways to get into trouble, skirt or shorts are too short, so many holes in your jeans there's more leg than cloth.  

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