School Uniforms and Free Expression

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Many schools have been debating whether students should wear uniforms. At several schools, students are required to wear uniforms. Some schools don’t required uniforms. They give the students a freedom to wear anything but still wear polite clothing and following the rules Wearing school uniforms, should it be required at school? Most students may agree with the statement, but some will disagree. Those who disagree may think that they will not express themselves. Uniforms will prevent students from wearing clothes they want, such as designer clothing or inappropriate clothing style. In my opinion, wearing uniforms does not distract the students. It actually has many benefits. Therefore, I think that wearing uniforms in school should be required. There are three reasons why it should be required, reduce distractions, saves time getting ready in the morning, and save money on clothing.

Growing up, we begin to focus more on how we dress rather than what we are learning about in school. Student talk about fashion with other fellow students. Many students feel pressured to buy the latest clothing trends. Because of that, many school have different types of bullying, one in particular is bullying based on clothing style, or fashion. Most students from middle to upper class, may draw attention to themselves more because they have the lasted trend or can afford more flashy clothing lines. Students who cannot buy the latest Jordan’s or Vans, feel unconfident and do not associate with others. In schools that required school uniforms, it can remove distractions, because it can minimize the difference in lower-middle-upper class status between students. Wearing uniforms can make students spend less time worrying about the latest fashion, students can maintain focus on what the school is really educating the students, will provide a positive and safe environment at school, or on any school function. Study shows that wearing uniforms will increase students focus and will sharpen students learning ability and school work. According to National Association of Secondary School Principals stated that “when all students are wearing the same outfits, they are less concerned about how they look and how they fit in with their peers, and they can concentrate on their schoolwork” ( Wearing school uniforms build school spirt, bring students together as one, a unity. It will also have students take pride in being more connected to school functions.

Getting ready in the morning will take time. Many students take about 1-2 hours getting ready for school. Transitioning from grade school to high school, many of the high school student will take longer than the younger generation. According to a friend it take a women an 2 hour or less to get dress and most of the time it take thirty-five minutes are more to dress with style (Yellowman). Uniforms will save time for students to have a healthy breakfast. Breakfast is what gets the brain going. It gets things flowing in the brain, when you eat a good healthy meal or have time make lunch for oneself, or even help clean up the house, and do more important morning chores. Wearing uniforms is much easier to dress than having to search through the closest and pile of clothes on the bed to find the right style and find out that is not what she/he wants to wear. Uniforms also help parents save time, they can clean the house, spend time with everyone at the table, ask questions school functions or save more time to do other important duties. It also saves teachers time as well, they don’t have to lecture students about inappropriate clothing, such as violating school dress code. Sending them to the office and write a report on why the student was sent to the office. The teachers can use this time to lecture students about what assignments are due, study time or teaching the class about certain topic of the day.

Wearing school uniform can also make parents reduce their expenses. When school is back in session, parents tend to buy their children new clothes every week. They spend hundreds of dollars on fashionable school clothing, when the child only wears the clothing once or twice, deciding that they no longer want to wear the style anymore and request for new clothing. A pair of Jordan’s cost more than a simple uniform, such as jeans and polo shirts at Old Navy cost $12 or less. School uniforms are cost effective. They are less expensive. Everyone can be on the same team. Students can be equal. Uniforms create a more professional look to school and present, students more high standards. There are many positive forums to having students wear uniforms in school, if uniforms were adopted at all schools, student would not only focus on academics as opposed to the latest fashion trends to show off in the hallways, not to mention they are less expensive in the long run compared to fashion clothing. Students can wear fashionable clothing on weekends and feel free to express themselves. Students can also express themselves wearing school uniforms by adding accessories to their wardrobe such as colorful jewelry, scarfs, satchels and they can also include their hairstyles.

In conclusion, school uniforms need to be put out in schools that need educational changes. Wearing school uniforms make students proud of their school and academic achievements. It will help bring students and classrooms unity. Teachers can tell the difference from students that goes to school and students that belong to another school, because they will have uniforms to identify them. Uniforms can also bring safety to students, teachers or parents can also identify who is a dangerous person. Wearing uniforms will make a positive change in education, no more distraction during class time, no more spending students to the principal’s office, for violating dress codes. Making school uniforms required in or during school session will create a more positive school environment and it will increase students to better understand what professionalism means in the business world.

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