Wearing School Uniforms

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Have anyone ever thought of how school uniforms began and is it fair to students to make uniforms mandatory in schools.Uniforms have a history. They became popular in elementary schools in the mid-1990s in United States as a way to decrease discipline problems. They were first worn in school by orphan children who represented the lower class in the 16th century in England. As years passed uniforms slowly found its way in the schools. Uniforms first grew popular in private schools and then public schools. The use of school uniforms are a big topic and ongoing debates for parents and school administrators. Some students along with some parents argue the benefits of school uniforms, while others believe that mandatory uniforms within public schools are unconstitutional.

Although you probably cannot change what most school has already decided. You may have a voice on the issue of school uniforms in the next PTA meetings. You also have the choice of sending your child to a school that does or doesn't require school uniforms. If that is your case, here are a few pros and cons you should keep in mind before making your decision. Wearing uniforms is beneficial in most case for children starting school from elementary stage through high school. Picture this: a child wakes up one morning and decides that he does not like the clothes that he has to wear to school. The clothes he has are not name brand and he is fed up with his classmates because they make fun of him. The child decides to skip school and his attendance starts to decrease which also brings his grades down.

There are several studies showing that student academic achievement was increased dramatically because of the learning atmosphere created by uniforms. It removed the stigma of what is on the student’s body and more attuned to concentrate on their schoolwork and strive for great grades. When talking about school uniform the first thing that gathers into our mind are rules, punctuality and obedience. Having uniforms decreases some bullying and saves a lot of money for parents.

There are different studies showing that student academic achievement was increased dramatically because of the learning atmosphere created by uniforms. It removed the humiliation of students because of what there are wearing, and made them stay more focused on their school work and grades. Following on looking at the statistics in 2009, schools created a uniform policy. It became effectively implemented in 21 states in the United States of America.

What was discovered upon implementation of this policy was that the crime rate had dropped by 91% in schools. Students were not getting suspended as much also the rate of suspension dropped by 90%. An interesting point to know is that the number of sex offenses drastically reduced as the school uniforms has been put in place. Statistics show that the number of such offenses reduced by 96% as well. Lastly, since school uniforms became implemented vandalism in schools has decreased by 96%. The attacks on students of children from kindergarten through 8th grade had also reduced by 85%.

Another important factor to consider is the cost of school uniforms. A lot of people believe that purchasing them is expensive, but what has been noticed in the long run is that the overall cost of clothing has drastically reduced thereby easing the expenses of parents in most areas such as Newark, Irvington, Elizabeth, and etc. Statistics also claim that 44% of parents have found that their kids are more focused in school after wearing uniforms. In my opinion students at a young age should attend to a school that have a uniform policy to prepare them at a young age fyi m for the future. When you get a job or go to an interview there's normally a dress code that you have to follow. Allowing children to understand the idea of wearing uniforms can help them know that they are preparing for success. In conclusion I am pro uniform. Students will have a better chance to focus more in school rather than focusing on their sense of style. Instead of being tardy or absent from school now students can have the ability to be comfortable to come to school. Wearing a uniform allows each student feel more at ease to attend school when everyone look equal. Furthermore school uniforms prepare students for the future and allows them to continue being a successful scholar. For that reason, school uniforms should be kept.

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