The Soft Melody Accompaniment

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The concert environment was quite simplistic. On the stage Ms. Freeland stood center stage while playing the flute. Mrs. Pearson was further behind her while playing the piano. The performance hall was an auditorium where the stage simply had the two instruments and performers. The audience surrounded the stage resulting in the stage being the center of attention.

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“The Soft Melody Accompaniment”

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The piece I most enjoyed was Andante Pastorale by Paul Taffanel. I loved how the piece reminded me where I grew up. I grew up in the country surrounded by nature, and the moderate tempo of this piece was reminiscent of that time in my life. The contrast in dynamics between the instruments was also something I enjoyed about this piece. The piano held a more constant dynamic, while the flute presented a wide range of degrees of loudness. This contrast was pleasing to me and I also loved how the melody was portrayed using the piano. The soft melody accompaniment in the background provided this piece with a soothing tone which was quite relaxing. I loved how the homophonic texture of this piece allowed for the flute to be clearly identified since there were no competing melodies.

The piece I liked the least was the allegro giocoso quasi fandango. This is the final movement in Burton’s Sonatina. I did not like the allegro tempo, it is much faster than the first two movements. This rushed method did not give me time to process the two instruments individually. I didn’t like how this piece opened with quick segments with the rushed tempo, I found it quite sudden and less smoothening than previous movements. I also didn’t like how the flute seemed to take over this piece I enjoyed the mix between the piano and flute, but felt like the piano was somewhat absent in this piece. I also did not like the change in tempo I felt as though it distracted from the melody which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Paul Taffanel composer of Andante Pastorale, is a French composer born in 1844. Taffanel was a flautist and composer during the late 19th century. Taffanel learned to play the flute form his father at the age of nine. At the age of ten Taffanel completed his first composition. To further advance his studies Taffanel went and studied under Louis Dorus. At the age of twenty Taffanel joined the Paris Opera orchestra. Taffanel later preformed as the solo flautist for the orchestra. Taffanel became the conductor in 1890. In 1893 Taffanel returned to the Paris Conservatory and began his teaching career. Taffanel composed chamber music for flute and other wind instruments, but his best known words include the flute and piano. Taffanel is best known as the founder of the French school. This was a school for flautist, his lasting imprint on the school and the schools imprint on music history makes Taffanel one of the most influential flautist in history.

I would attend another concert of recital. Originally when this assignment was presented I was less than enthused. I remember going to concerts as a child and the resentment I had to them. I credit this resentment with lack of understanding in regard to the complexity of what was occurring. Looking back, I paid such little attention to what instruments were being played much less the musical elements present within the piece. Know being able to identify things such as the melody, meter, texture, and even dynamic have really opened my eyes to mastery that corresponds with preforming these concerts. I would absolutely recommend this concert to others.

There is such a wide range of tempo and dynamics, it really has something to everyone. I have already shared my opinion on this concert with several of my friends, some of which have already stated they would like to attend the next possible showing. Again, upon entering the hall is had the same expectations I held as a child. I expected the concert to be methodical and not really grab my attention; however, midway through the first piece the change in dynamics as well as tempo had my full attention. In the second piece the three individual movements all presented their own uniqueness which I found extremely interesting. 

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